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Of Gloria Swanson & Gloves

By , 24 November, 2008, No Comment

A photo of Gloria Swanson taken after Sunset Boulevard as part of the film’s promotional buzz.

Gloria Swanson In Gloves

Gloria Swanson In Gloves

This 1950 article by photographer Philippe Halsman explains how Swanson arrived at his studio so nervous and exhausted that she even cried. In his scramble to help her (and get himself some salable photographs), he impulsively gave her the long black leather gloves as a prop. While these gloves weren’t magic all on their own, they did assist with the transformation. Halsman writes:

She wiggled her hands into them, pulled them high on her arms to where her strapless gown left off, and held out her hands for a self-inspection. Then, finally, the miracle happened. I don’t know how. Perhaps it amused her to see her long, white bare arms turn suddenly black.

She leaned over a high box resting her elbows on its surface and began to flirt with the camera, to play with her hands — half-hiding her face behind her spread, black fingers, like a pretty kitten suddenly bemused with the discovery of its own front paws. That quick, she looked twenty years younger. You could not tell she had been crying. Her arms moved in swift pattern, making wonderful black designs against her pale skin and the pale backdrop, and in perhaps ten minutes I had the photographs I had sought.

Such a breathless description! As wonderful as those glamorous photos!

Now I’m not saying that fashion alone can always provide such a transformation; but glamour sure has its own magical allure which can distract us, capture our own interest, as well as amaze and delight others.

These stunning black leather Italian opera length gloves — which go almost-to-the-shoulder! — have a silk lining and black leather covered buttons at wrist shown and are available at Leather Gloves Online.

Italian Black Leather Opera Gloves

Italian Black Leather Opera Gloves

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