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I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas (#2)

By , 22 December, 2008, No Comment

OK, this here’s a fur post — if you don’t like fur, don’t throw fake blood on my blog; just click away.

I personally don’t have any problem whatsoever with vintage furs; what’s done is done.  And as far as fur in general, well, I can’t afford anything other than vintage… But if I could… Well, I’m not opposed to certain furs from animals, like leather, which are used for more than just fur — like rabbit.

This isn’t technically an “all white” post if you are looking past the accessories, but who can argue with a Debbie Reynold’s holiday pin-up photo? The adorable muff, headpiece and trim are likely white rabbit fur.

Debbie Reynolds Holiday Pinup

Debbie Reynolds Holiday Pinup

Here the dreamy Carole Landis wears an equally dreamy white fur coat.

Carole Landis In White Fur

Carole Landis In White Fur

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  • Lisa L

    Debbie Reynolds is a great actress & sweet lady :o)

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