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Vintage Lingerie: The Foundation For Vintage Fashion

By , 18 December, 2008, No Comment

Vintage fashion lovers know the foundation to any vintage fashion is literally the foundation garments; you need bras, panties and other lingerie which can smoothly fit and shape beneath your clothing to help give the proper silhouette. And of course, it’s just much sexier lingerie.

Jenn In Cameo Intimates Hand Made Vintage Style Lingerie

Jenn In Cameo Intimates Hand Made Vintage Style Lingerie

Now A Slip of a Girl readers get an exclusive 20% discount on hand made, hand-tailored, vintage styled lingerie at Cameo Intimates. Just enter discount code “ASLIP20” at the checkout and you’ll save 20% off any purchase, including custom orders and their vintage garment repair & alteration services. There’s no minimum (but the 20% does exclude clearance items and some limited edition items).

This special coupon code is valid now through February 14th, 2009.

The model is wearing the Cameo ‘Hollywood’ Bullet Bra, Cameo Retro Panty, and Cameo Lace Up Garter Belt.

Don’t forget, when ordering, to get the padded tips for that real bullet bra zing! (Don’t worry, ma; we won’t poke anyone’s eyes out — unless they don’t have permission to be that close *wink*)

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  • Daphne

    The ads are very nice. Is some of this lingerie still being sold? I like the ads though. I would like some more information on your items.
    Sincerely Daphne

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