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Futuristic Blast From The Past

By , 1 January, 2009, No Comment

With a new year comes thoughts of the future — and futuristic fashions.

Jane Fonda as Barbarella

Jane Fonda as Barbarella

But you needn’t dress like Barbarella to get a fabulous mod fashion look.

Like Princess Leia’s metal bikini, such a costume is best left for sci-fi conventions — or the boudoir. *wink*

So instead, opt for more practical mod fashions which won’t get you booted out of the PTA, arrested, or just left with neat stuff in your closet that you complain you never have any place to wear. This lovely mod faux leather silver coat is super — and it’s a plus size (or, more accurately, at a size 15, an average size garment), so you needn’t have Jane Fonda’s figure either.

Silver Retro Faux Leather Coat

Silver Retro Faux Leather Coat

The ultra mod coat is sold by The Mad Fashionista, who specializes in plus size vintage fashions; she also has an hysterical blog.

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  • Some Like it Vintage

    That’s a fantastic coat! Always loved the color silver and it’s easy to wear. Thanks for the post and Happy New Year!

  • roxybina

    I love Barbarella! that’s how Duran Duran got their name.


  • Jaynie Van Roe

    Thanks for stopping in, ladies 🙂 Silver is my metallic preference. And who doesn’t like Barbarella? I’m a bit worried about the remake tho…

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