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Shirt Tales: The Pleasure Seekers

By , 6 January, 2009, No Comment

Last night I was watching The Pleasure Seekers (1964 remake of 1954’s Three Coins In The Fountain, in which three women try to find wealthy husbands) on television and found myself thinking that Ann Margret was so sexy and stunning wearing men’s shirts that “women wearing men’s shirts” was the fashion find in the film. There’s just something so sexy about seeing (and being!) a woman casually wearing a man’s shirt — our curves sure make us look different in them. But this form of dress (or undress) certainly was new and risque for the 60’s.

Of course, if you love scarves, you’ll be thrilled most by them — these light bits of fabric are heavily worn in this film. In fact, fashion — and Ann-Margret singing — is about all you can really enjoy in this predictable film. But that’s enough for me!

I searched for hours & hours last night, and couldn’t find any photos of Ann in a man’s shirt other than these video clips — none of which have my favorite scene with Ann-Margret in wearing a chambray shirt, answering the phone. (Though I have put a call out to my peeps and we’ll see if any of them have an image in their stashes; if they share I will too)

Anyway, in all my searching I did a ton of great images of other women in shirts (men’s or women’s, crisp or rumpled) and I’ll be posting them this week.

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