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Vintage 50’s Glamour: The Eyes Have It!

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A great glamour look of 50’s was called the Parisian ‘Doe Eye.’ This makeup look, which put the focus on the eyes, was as new & exciting in the 1950’s as lipstick was in the 1920’s. To a large extent the ‘winged’ look is still with us today, but the 50’s version was a bit more natural looking.

The Doe Eyed Look Of Sophia Loren

The Doe Eyed Look Of Sophia Loren

To give your eyes this ‘winged’ yet natural look, shown here on Sophia Loren, follow these steps.

Step One: Using a light shadow in a neutral brown or grey, shadow the lids lightly from lashes to brows

Step Two: Apply a slightly darker shade to the crease, and blend the shadow up & out toward temples.

Step Three: Next we apply black eye liner to the eyelid. Apply liner in one straight line, keeping the liner as close to the base of your lashes as possible, starting at the innermost corner, drawing it towards the outer corner, where you fan the liner upwards & out (toward the temple).

Step Four: Lightly line the lower lashes from the outer 1/4 to meet the line on the upper corner, still in one unbroken line, keeping the eye liner as close to the base of your lashes as possible.

Step Five: Very gently blend the liner — think ‘soft’, not a heavy smudged look! For better eye liner staying power, you can use the tip of an eyeshadow applicator lightly dipped into the darker shade of eyeshadow and softly trace over the eyeliner.

Last Step: Finish with several coats of mascara.

A variation on the doe-eye look is the cat eye, exhibited here by Audrey Hepburn.

The Cat Eyed Look Of Audrey Hepburn

The Cat Eyed Look Of Audrey Hepburn

This look, often worn with pale lipstick shades to further emphasize the eyes, is also called the ‘Bohemian’ look of the 50’s.

The application changes are few:

* Use the black liner all around the eye, still staying as close to the lash line as you can, and gently soften it so you do not have a harsh line. Think Holly Golightly! *wink*

* Concentrate the application of mascara on the outer edges of the eyes.

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