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Dreamy 1950’s Red Vintage Fashions

By , 6 February, 2009, No Comment

As promised, I’m celebrating National Wear Red Day — but first, another edition of Vintage Roadshow!

Couture Allure shows the changing shape of suits from the 1940’s to the 1970’s.

Freudian Slips Vintage has her home photographed for The Independent.

Glamoursplash covers Marilyn’s modeling career.

iKonic Vintage shoos away the cold with Pantone’s Spring 2009 Colors.

Now for the digital wearing of red…

How about this cute 1950s red velvet button-front top?

Vintage Red Velvet Top

Vintage Red Velvet Top

Now this vintage red ball gown by Scottish label Watt & Grant of Aberdeen is the kind that makes me squeal! The seller describes it wonderfully:

The tomato red sheer nylon has a sprigged white floral pattern scattered across it, in a slightly raised flocked print. The inner bodice is a red strapless boned satin bustier, creating a two tone/semi sheer effect as the floral nylon is layered over it. There is an incredible volume of fabric to the skirts, which have a red satiny lining and finally a stiffened calico underskirt for extra volume. The folded collar leads into two sheer printed panels that trail down the dress back.

1950s Red Ballgown With Flocked Floral Print

1950s Red Ballgown With Flocked Floral Print

Or maybe you’d rather have your own pair of ruby red slippers — complete with rhinestones? If you wear a size eight, the darling vintage sling-backs can be yours for just $25! (OMG, that’s too cheap!)

Ruby Red Satin Slingbacks

Ruby Red Satin Slingbacks

Anyone else thinking that if they can’t wear it today or on Valentine’s Day that they should be given it all as gifts for the holiday? I know that’s what I’m thinking!

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