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Here’s Linking To You, Kid #2

By , 20 February, 2009, No Comment

Catching up on links related to the blog this week…

I wanted to first mention the wonderful advice & warning to collectors of film memorabilia regarding COAs, aka Certificates Of Authenticity:

Most COAs are not worth the paper they are printed on. Anyone with a pen and/or a printer (the printer isn’t even a requirement) can make a COA — and there are no laws, governing bodies or agencies which approve or regulate COAs. So I could make you a COA about this blog post — no matter how ridiculous the claims. (If you’d like one, let me know.)

COAs are not legal contracts; so no matter what the guarantee presented on the COA, good luck getting it carried out to any satisfaction. Should you even be able to get a legal hold on the seller, your case is as legally worth bupkiss. Even if you can prove the seller is guilty of selling more than $1,000 in fakes &/or forgeries, are involved in a successful class action suit, or, if you were duped on the Internet, get the FBI to assist you with a case of Internet Fraud, the most you’re going to get back for all your work is your purchase price. (If you’re just seeking your purchase price refunded, don’t ignore sales venue and method of payment avenues; there are often buyer protection programs available to you.)

I’m not saying you should ignore your rights and these avenues, but it’s best to avoid being duped in the first place.

Rule #1 Unless a certificate of authenticity originates from and is signed by the celebrity, author/artist (or in the case of limited editions, the publisher of the work), a confirmed dealer or agent (not a third party or reseller), or an acknowledged expert, that certificate is pretty much meaningless.

Read the rest of the article for more tips — save yourself money & heartache.

Now for this week’s Vintage Roadshow:

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid helps you plan a classic Hollywood Oscars party — complete with vintage party games!

Glamoursplash pays tribute to Lucille Ball.

The Vintage Traveler talks basketball, clothes, that is.

Freudian Slips Vintage looks at how to get the look of Anna Friel as Chuck in Pushing Daisies.

Debutante Clothing is thrilled with her new vintage Roger Van S bag.

Couture Allure shows how to dress up a vintage suit.

A few scattered other links worth noting:

Two Here’s Looking Like You, Kid posts made the latest edition of The Fabulous! Festival — so check it out!

And here’s my Lust Of The Week, Film Version: A lot of three pieces of ephemera from Hollywood in the late 60’s.

Retro Hollywood Ephemera

Retro Hollywood Ephemera

Here’s how the seller describes it all:

1) 4 page Hollywood Stars of Tomorrow Award 1968 – all pages shown below along with a number of the candidates on the ballot. Ballot creased in half and marked off.

2)Hollywood Stars of Tomorrow Awards program from January 27, 1968. This is the one with the gold cover in the first image below. 40 pages packed with photos, some shown below. Some small stains, ballot inside once again marked off, writing on inside back cover.

3) Showcase Who’s Who Volume 1 from Showcase Productions, Hollywood Hostess Division. 24 pages of “a complete catalog and directory of talented, interesting, intelligent and beautiful females who would be available to help business and industry to quickly choose the right girl … Hostesses and Guides for conventions, Assistants and interpreters for business meetings, receptionists for Seminars and Trade Shows…” Copyright 1969. No famous names here, but interesting Hollywood area ephemera. This has the black cover and is in pretty good shape.

I just love stuff like this! See the listing for more images! (And if you go shopping for more in the store, tell Cliff that Jaynie says, “Hello!” Cliff is my pal from Vintage Meld.)

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