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Think Valentine’s Day Is A Lot Of Bull?

By , 3 February, 2009, No Comment

Even if you feel hopelessly single, don’t stay home and pout — put on a pretty party dress & knock ’em all dead! This fun party frock from the 50’s has more than just a red print going for it…

Vintage Red and White Party Dress

Vintage Red and White Party Dress

It’s covered in a cheeky matador and bull print — so dance, show-off, twirl and make all the men say “Torro!” as they charge you!

Bull and Matador Print

Bull and Matador Print

Pretty party frocks like this, and the one shown here, require crinoline petticoats. Like any slip, you should coordinate if not match the petticoat to your dress. Depending upon your style, you may be able to get away with just one white one (or just one black one); but don’t skimp and use an ordinary slip because you’ll feel as let down & flat wearing that vintage party dress as your skirts are!

I’ve have very poor luck finding vintage crinolines in wearable conditions. If it’s not the elastic which is dried and cracked or stretched beyond use, crumbling between your fingertips, there are problems with the netting itself — more crumbling, or too aged to properly fill out the skirting of the dress. Thankfully there are some modern makers of crinolines. Just be advised that you don’t want to go cheap — the lower prices may be tempting, but you’ll quickly find yourself with the same problems as vintage pieces.

Instead, opt for quality makers of vintage styled petticoats — like www.petticoatsaplenty.com. They lovingly produce their petticoats slips by hand — each and every layer!

White Crinoline Petticoat by Petticoats A Plenty

White Crinoline Petticoat by Petticoats A Plenty

And they even out-do vintage slips because these are made with a super fine, soft tulle — nothing like your grandma’s scratchy itchy net!

And right now (for just a few more days), you can save on 15% on shop stock &/or 10% off on any made-to-measure petticoats. Now through February 5th (2009), contact PetticoatsAPlenty through their contact form and mention “A Slip of a Girl” to get your discount. (It’s that easy, but the official notice on the offer is here.)

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  • Raquelle

    That beautiful Vintage white & red dress would stand out at any party!

  • Couture Allure

    Thanks for the link to the petticoat site. Many of my customers ask me where they can find 50’s crinolines, and now I have a great place to send them!

  • Sherry

    The problem with the newer, softer petticoats is the shape they’re made into. 50’s skirts need the slip’s fullness to begin at the top of the hip line, just below the waist. Several of the “shirtwaist” crinolines I have are made like this and do a splended job of shaping my older skirts. Another problem is in their length. Anything around 30 to 32 inches is necessary for the older skirts. Anything shorter makes it look like you’re wearing a cheap lamp shade. The petti has to fit the skirt in fullness, and length. I’ve found several of these on Ebay and also on Etsy.

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