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Putting Zebra Stripes On Your Spring-o-lator Steps

By , 23 March, 2009, No Comment

Currently I’m lusting after these 1950’s Spring-o-lator heels with a wild zebra print — and the matching vintage handbag.

Vintage Zebra Pring Heels & Handbag

Vintage Zebra Print Heels & Handbag

What a fabulous way to change the look of any little black dress!

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  • Lord Chris

    Any woman who
    “gets it’ about the charm of wearing springolators and the effect they have on men (and woman) is erotically enlightened and secure in her femininity. Enchanting and spellbinding are those eye magnets on her feet. The sound they make when she takes them for a walk is intoxication. Bless you mt dear. Invest in a pair of the real thing.

  • Jaynie Van Roe

    Thank you, Lord Chris — would you care do help me invest properly with a donation for the cause? *wink*

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