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If You Ever Wondered About The Names oF Vintage Lingerie Pieces…

By , 8 May, 2009, 38 Comments

I think we all know & recognize bras, panties, girdles, nightgowns, robes and slips, but some of the older pieces, which even our mothers likely didn’t have in her drawers or closet are very unfamiliar. So I’ve decided to scan these pages from a vintage lingerie catalog to help us identify other styles.

Before we get to the scans, I’d like to discuss what I know about the booklet.

The catalog is from the Dutchmaid Garment Company of Ephrata, PA, and though it has few pages, it has many lingerie styles shown with photos.
The catalog is not dated; I believe from the hairstyles, printing and the style of the pieces themselves, it dates to the 1930s. However, as use of the “PA” to designate Pennsylvania typically dates a piece to the 60’s, it is very possible that Dutchmaid, being a smaller company with a small line of lingerie and hosiery, simply made small changes to it’s promotional pieces, using them over several decades.

The catalog is small, just 16 pages, including covers, and measures 8 1/2 inches X just over 5 inches. It has a simple glue binding and, as you can see by the uneven “swoop” at the top, rather crudely cut. (I have cropped the scans to an even rectangle in all but the cover image, just for my own personal neatness — but the uneven cut exists on all pages.)

Vintage Dutchmaid Garment Company Catalog

Vintage Dutchmaid Garment Company Catalog

Vintage Dutchmaid Stockings

Vintage Dutchmaid Stockings

Vintage Dutchmaid Lingerie Vests & Tight-Knee Pantie (Pettipant)

Vintage Dutchmaid Lingerie Vests & Tight-Knee Pantie (Pettipant)

Vintage Dutchmaid Vests & Tigh-Knee Pantie

Vintage Dutchmaid Chemise (We'd Likely Call It A "Teddie") & Pantie

Vintage Dutchmaid Panties

Vintage Dutchmaid Panties

Vintage Dutchmaid Slips

Vintage Dutchmaid Slips

Vintage Dutchmaid Nightgowns

Vintage Dutchmaid Nightgowns

Vintage Dutchmaid Pajamas & Robe

Vintage Dutchmaid Pajamas & Robe

Vintage Dutchmaid Lingerie (Slip and Nightgown)

Vintage Dutchmaid Lingerie (Slip and Nightgown)

Vintage Dutchmaid Lingerie

Vintage Dutchmaid Lingerie

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38 Responses {+}
  • Inky

    these are terrific! Thank you for scanning and posting them 🙂

  • Lucitebox

    Is it me or do seamed stockings make the model’s legs look squat? I thought they were supposed to do much to elongate the leg. It’s terrific to see models who don’t have hip bones jutting out and thighs with a foot of empty space between them.

    I like the Dutchmaid logo.

  • SPip

    This is awesome! I have loads of Dutch Maid clothing still in the original packaging and have been looking for info online about Dutch Maid. It’s surprising how little information is available and how few people even know about Dutch Maid. Thank you!

  • Jaynie Van Roe

    I’m glad this was helpful for you — and do let me know if you learn anything else about Dutch Maid!

  • Sam

    Amazing! I grew up wearing Dutch Maid undies as a kid! My mother had some of the little girl panties and undies 25+ years later that she was using as dust rags. Take it from a kid who hated them and used to scoot her butt across concrete when in a dress — these things DO NOT wear out! Indestructible!

  • Jaynie Van Roe

    OMG, Sam, that’s wonderfully hysterical!

  • Cynthia Blackham

    My mother was one of Dutchmaid’s Top 10 Demonstrators for 22 years, until the early to mid-80’s. Dutchmaid was a wonderful company and their clothing was iron clad. I’d love to chat with you further. I believe the owner died and the children may have then sold to another company, but they were in no way the same as “Dutchmaid.” My nickname all of my life was “Dutchmaid Baby” as we spent hours in the car delivering orders and setting up clothes in peoples homes.

  • S. Allison

    My oh My do I remember Dutchmaid stuff! I’d give anything to be able to buy some of it now. It was absolutely indestructible! I am very tall, and their pants were the only ones long enough for me and fit perfectly. Sure wish we had quality clothing like that now, instead of high priced cheap stuff.

  • sue

    I sold D/M years/years ago. Glad to hear up date about the product. I remember seeing the 18-wheelers with D/M written on them. My how times change. Thanks for the memories.

  • sue

    Thanks for the memories. Sold D/M years and years ago.

  • Christine Pouliot

    I have been trying to find out what happened to this company. I seriously wore these clothes for many years.
    I bought a nightgown in 1977 that I wore until last year. Their well made products were indeed indestructable.

  • Robin

    The hair style and models in your Dutchmaid booklet are definitely 30’s or 40’s. Absolutely not as late as the 50’s even. And PA was actually used back then and even earlier.

  • Patchouli

    I wore Dutchmaid clothes from my tweens to 40’s because my aunt used to sell Dutchmaid. I loved them and the quality could not be beat. I moved to MD. in 1988 and still had some nice bikini briefs and a very sexy, black, lacey negligee that I loved and a dress and some blouses. They lasted forever and weren’t that expensive! Wouldn’t it be nice if all companies were like Dutchmaid?

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for featuring my Charmode crystal pleated slip in your blog – it has since found a new home!


  • Eleanor Terzian

    I would like to receive a copy of the catalogue of Dutchmaid if possible. thank you sincerely, Mrs Terzian My address is 405 Pine St., williamstown, NJ 08094

  • Sam

    Jaynie — I just surfed past your page again and about split a gut over your reply to me. Trust me — it was 100% true! I grew up thinking Dutchmaid underwear would survive the A-Bomb! *LOL*

  • Tami-Jo

    I to was a Dutch Maid Kid. My mum went to every party someone she new had. I even had a few parties in my early 20’s. Sure do miss the QUALITY Clothes they made. Maybe we should start are own business!

  • Susan

    My aunt would have Dutchmaid parties every year! You COULD NOT kill their underwear! And the slips NEVER rode up. Sure wish the “kids” who inherited the business had done the right thing with it. What a loss 🙁

  • Barb

    My Mom sold Dutchmaid and I loved it! She passed away, quite unexpectedly, in 1962. I was 14. The profits she made for her sales, she put back into buying more clothes, samples, to show at parties. Her parties were always big ones and her business was really growing. Everyone loved the clothes. I wish the company was still in business. Mom had a number of folding aluminum clothes racks that she took to her parties. I think she must have bought them from Dutchmaid. I have looked all over, for years, and I can’t find the same type of folding clothes rack.

  • Pat B

    Our neighbor sold Dutchmaid and every July my mother marched my sister and I down the street to be measured for the new school season. I wore them for 12 years and yes they were turned into dust cloths when they were outgrown!

  • Lynn @thevintagenest

    Ran across this while looking for info. on a vintage little girl’s slip I have called LittleWonder. What a fabulous article. I love it all.!

  • Kathleen Rockwell

    My Gramma, Clara Preston, sold DM clothing, from about 1960-1964. I loved them. I thot my mom was beautiful in those clothes. I was 8-12 yrs old during that time. I had nighties and a pinafore dress I loved. A lady at church told my mom I was too old to wear it but I didn’t care. It had a white blouse and attached slip to go under the pinafore dress which was blue and white with a tie sash in the back.

  • Kathleen "Kitty" Jennings

    My grandmother Gertrude Carroll was the top Salesperson in Upstate, New York for Dutchmaid fashions. We livedon Waterloon-Geneva Road in Waterloo, New York. My garndmother put on fashion shows all over Upstate New York and made all her children and grandchildren model the clothes in these fashion shows. Ask your relatives if they ever heard of Gertrude Carroll. I would love to hear from you. We loved the clothes and I would love to buy some today.
    Kitty Jennings/Granddaughter of Gertrude Carroll.
    PS I graduated from high school in Waterloo, NT in 1974.

  • Rick Carroll

    My name is Rick Carroll. I am the son of Gertrude Carroll and the uncle of Kitty Jennings (see previous post from 8/11/2010). My mother started selling Dutchmaid sometime in the 1950’s. My earliest memories of Dutchmaid were the packages arriving each day by mail and my mom leaving to do “deliveries” of orders for people. As I got older and got my driving lerners permit, my driving lessons were taking her all over the area to deliver packages. I would sometimes log 20 or more hours a week behind the wheel in those days. By the time I took my driving test, I passed with ease. My mothers boss was Frances Glover from Trumansburg NY. If anyone has memories of Gertrude Carroll or Frances Glover, please let me know. You can reach me at carrollrl@cox.net.

  • Diana "Dee Dee" Durling

    I am Gertrude Carroll’s 1st grandaughter, and a former “model” of Dutchmaid clothing. I remember helping Gram unload the huge boxes of packaged clothing that were delivered to her house and sorting them by underwear, shirts, skirts, etc. My entire family wore Dutchmaid; in fact at Christmas, we could have made a commercial for the company! My favorite Dutchmaid clothing was their baby doll PJ’s — and they NEVER wore out.

  • Jennifer Sexton

    I am another of Gertrude Carroll’s granddaughters, but was never a model b/c I grew up in California. But I do remember getting Dutchmaid clothing every Christmas from Gram and doing some deliveries with her when I went to visit. Recently my Mother, Grace Carroll McGraw, passed away (she was Gertrude’s oldest child), in her possessions were a pair of Dutchmaid long underwear/pj bottoms. I will treasure these and pass them down to my daughters. 🙂

  • wini mellor

    i am the daughter of gertrude carroll i was a dutchmaid kid too my favorite thing growing up was a black watch plaid raincoat also i loved to with moma on deliveries we did’t have radios in cars then so we sang she had a very nice voice and we would harmonize especially at christmas time also we would make deliveries on christmas eve and only when they were done did we get to go back home and start our wrapping mom was a great lady who served her customers well. i remember the packages wrapped in celophane with a cardboard backing and a white label also i remember my brother and sometimes daddy stamping the sales slips my prised posession is a red plaid wool shirt that my dad wore all time and now i haveit and i wear it in the summer while playing pinochle in our club house i remember a lady named phyliss bailey who lived down the road from us

  • wini mellor

    i believe the owner of the company was a mr. minnoch not sure of the spelling wini

  • Charlotte Holloway

    I sold DUTCHMAID clothing from 1963 to 1982 and raised 5 kids on their clothes. I would have 100 parties a year and was one of the top representatives for this area. I was a Jr supervisor until we got RIF (Reduction in Force) from Dover AFB, DE, and had to leave our home in Wyoming, DE, for Ogden, Utah. We left 2 of our children in DE and took 3 with us. I had 8 parties when I first moved there but they, the Mormen’s, would come to my parties and then go home and make the items. They even made the underwear. I couldn’t get those Mormen’s to buy almost anything. I gave up after that and 4.5 yrs later and we were transferred to Sumter, South Carolina for two years and then to Tucson, AZ for two more years. My husband retired Civil Service but by then I think Dutchmaid closed. It was just too hard to try to get people to have parties in Utah when I was working at the base and never knew how long we would be there. We were there for two years and then my husband retired (Civil Service) and we came back to Delaware. I retired after we moved back home and if Dutchmaid was still in business I would have been right back into it. I do miss the clothes and the customers I had. I used to have the fashions shows at the Grange Hall (One for each season), and served about 100 dinners. I used to make my own clothes and the children’s (5 of them) but when I joined Dutchmaid they were so well made that even I couldn’t compete with them. I sure do miss them and if they were still in business today I would be right back in there selling. Even at my age (78). I am selling other products but they don’t compare with my DUTCHMAID. I sure do miss the company and wish they were back here in the states. I understand that they moved the Dutchmaid company overseas. I too worked for Mr Minnoch, Mary & Chris. If Dutchmaid ever came back to PA or DE I will be right back working for you. Please bring it back here.

  • beverly siegmann

    googled dutchmaid hoping the company still existed and came upon this info my mom bought me a nightgown when i was 9 or 10 and i took it to college with me it was yellow empire waisted sure wish i could have a dutchmaid party i am in ct

  • suzanne

    I went to many Dutchmaid parties years ago, I loved the product! From sexy to snuggly, the nighties couldn’t be beat, I had a flannel with a turtle neck that lasted about 18 years! I still miss it! Their quality and fit were superb! Bring the jobs back here, make your product in PA again……I will be a steady customer!

  • Cyndy (Hollister) Syvertsen

    Gertrude Carroll was my aunt, and my Mom was one of her models. I too have very fond memories of Dutchmaid clothing! cyndysy@hotmail.com

  • Jane

    My mom was a Dutchmaid consultant in the late 60s, her supervisor at the time was Jane South. My mom’s desolved her business and was a tried & true supporter for Jane South. We were raised in Dutchmaid and just before Jane South passed away in 1999, she gave me the swatches from the books. I am now starting to make a scrap quilt from those peices. It is bringing back such good memories of each of my family memebers that have already passed away but who wore these clothes. I am sorry to see there is not much information out in this world wide web on the company. I am however grateful she gave me the swatches.

  • Lee Pederson

    I remember this NAME from the early 1960’s.
    It was sold to family members who resided in Camden, NJ. I remember seeing the catalog & the pink/beige rubber undergarments that was advertised. The ladies must have sweat off pounds wearing that rubber! Where was the company from?

  • Marie

    Each Autumn, my sisters and I would get new Dutchmaid underwear for the school year. As we when to Catholic school, the only addition to our wardrobe were shoes and underwear. They wore like iron!!!!!

  • Doris Small

    Here it is the end of 2013 and thanks to the many posts I have found out why my husband of 4 years will never own another pair of Dutchmaid underwear. he is 64 years old and doesn’t remember where they came from. Either his x wife or x mother-in law or deceased Mom must of had a party to bad they only blessed him with one pair which he is still wearing:)

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  • Sheldon

    If anyone currently wants to know anything about this company, post what you want to know and I will tell you the story…..

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