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Vintage Sewing — My Lack Of Skills Are Showing

By , 18 June, 2009, No Comment

I have a rather large collection of vintage sewing patterns; but I do not have the skills to match. So when I read Vintage Women’s Fashions: Domestic Arts & Sciences Institute by Val Ubel, I had to laugh — not just at what I presume is a pen name (a collectibles dealer named Val-ubel, is just too cute to be real!), but I giggled at what she wrote:

I paged through the booklets, admiring the work that went into even the ’simplest’ of garments, and decided that I would not have made it in this class. Back then it was necessity and there is no way of knowing just how many ladies were actually good at what they did. There may have been a lot of kids who were unhappy with the attire they were forced to wear! I recall my husband saying his mom made him a white dress-shirt when he was in first grade and when he got to church, found the pocket had been put on upside down! Well, give her credit, she tried.

I don’t think anyone would give me credit for sewing pockets on upside down… Not my old home ec teacher; not the person I made the garment for. But believe it or not, such a blog post makes me think I really need to learn to sew.

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  • Helpinahandbag

    I used to make everything…wasn’t too bad at it either, but now finding the time to even sew on a button is hard to do. But knowing how to sew IS a good skill to have. Good luck!

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