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Know Your Vintage Lucite Purses? Help Please!

By , 27 July, 2009, 5 Comments

Kim & her family are cleaning out her grandmother’s home and she brought home about 20 vintage plastic purses she believes are Lucite (along with about 50 other vintage and antique purses), and after spotting my guide to vintage Lucite purses, asked for some additional help.

Like I told Kim, I’m not an expert; I’ve possess far more “book learnin'” & information from other collectors about these pretty babies than actual purses, so while I’ll share what I know, I ask that those of you in the know please add your two cents.

(Since Kim has so many purses (lucky ducky!) and even more questions, I’ll be breaking these up into smaller, more specific posts — so if you love these vintage purses, &/or have knowledge to share, please keep checking back!)

First up, Kim wonders if any of us can help her identify the maker of this confetti Lucite purse with metal handles, “It isn’t marked anywhere and I’ve not seen anything close to it in all the pics I’ve looked at.”

Kims' Vintage Confetti Lucite Purse With Metal Handles

Kims' Vintage Confetti Lucite Purse With Metal Handles

Personally, I’m at a loss; there were quite a number of makers, and as I said in the guide, if the purses were marked, most of the tags have fallen of with age… If you have any help or suggestions, please share in the comments!

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5 Responses {+}
  • Sandra @ DebutanteClothing

    first off, if she wants to unload any of the babies, email me!

    Unfortunately, without the tag, it’s hard to identify each purse as authentic. I will say this. The lucite bag designers had certain features that were sort of their calling card.

    Charles Khan often had pearly bodies with clear, carved tops and balled closures. So did Myles

    Dorset Rex combined metal and plastic.

    Llewelyn was usually lined in satin.

    Patricia of Miami used filigree and had balled feet.

    Tyrolean used a lot of intricate metal cutouts.

    I’m sure someone will come along and add more or correct me.


  • Sandra @ DebutanteClothing

    oops, Wilardy bags usually have interesting shapes.

    given the metal handles and the confetti body, I would venture to say this was a Patricia of Miami because these bags used confetti and gold threads

  • Jaynie Van Roe

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for your advice/information on identification (my knowledge is more limited to ‘care & feeding’ because of my fears to own them lol).

    There will be a number of posts with vintage Lucite babies (both in terms of identification & questions — with lots of pictures too!), so please keep checking back; we need your input 🙂

  • Karen

    Hello! i just found your blog and I love it!

    This is one of my favorite books, and it might help you identify the purses — check it out: http://www.vintagepursepage.com/bookw.html

    Hope it helps!

  • Claudia Cook

    Please let me know when these go up for sale. Thank! Claudia Cook

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