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Having An Ill-Suited Vintage Moment?

By , 28 September, 2009, No Comment

You know how sometimes when you buy a vintage suit jacket, the sleeves are just a bit too short? And then there’s no neat way to lengthen them either, because there’s a line of color demarcation or wear at the edge or something that prevents you from getting that wee bit extra length you need, right? Well, if the shoulders, etc. fit fine, why not consider shortening the sleeves, 1/2, 3/4 etc., and then put a blouse with some fabulous sleeves of its own beneath it — everyone will believe that’s how it’s supposed to look!

Via Shop It To Me’s Sale Mail I found this super classic white broadcloth shirt with fluted sleeves on sale for just $59.99 at Ralph Lauren and I just knew I had to get a few for just such “ill suited” moments.

Rinko Fluted-Sleeve Shirt By Ralph Lauren

Rinko Fluted-Sleeve Shirt By Ralph Lauren

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