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Kim Novak’s Spiraled French Twist

By , 25 September, 2009, No Comment

I don’t suppose any discussion of Kim Novak’s glamour in Vertigo is complete without mentioning her spectacularly spiraled hair — a unique kink in the classic coif!

Kim Novak's Spiral Coil French Twist

Kim Novak's Spiral Coil French Twist

If that spiraled sophistication gets to you as it did Jimmy Stewart, here’s how to do it. Begin with a simple French twist — only leave the the front section of hair, at the crown, out. Once you’ve made your French twist, take the still-loose section at the crown, and gently pull it back back, gathering the ends.  Coil the ends just off of center above the main twist and pin in place.

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  • Angela St. Lawrence

    Ooooh. Did this bring back memories. My grandmother was a model and I always thought her french twist was so elegant and sophisticated.

    Even to this day — because of grannie — I keep a bottle of White Shoulders in my perfume collection.

  • The Red Velvet Shoe

    I love, love, love this french twist, and the movie as well! Thanks for teaching us how to get “the look”!


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