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Free Hair Goodies You Can’t Wait To Win (Though You May Have To…)

By , 6 November, 2009, 1 Comment

The December issue of Marie Claire features some fabulous hair accessories in their Free For You, Strike Up The Bands feature:

Marie Claire: Strike Up The Bands

Marie Claire: Strike Up The Bands

I love the sparklies, of course! Who wouldn’t want the Billie Barrette comb by Stella Accessories? Sorry, couldn’t find this pretty comb or any hair comb, actually, on the site — but there’s always vintage combs with rhinestones!

I’d prefer to win the incredible Jennifer Behr Double Crystal Headwrap!

Jennifer Behr Double Crystal Headwrap

Jennifer Behr Double Crystal Headwrap

I have nothing like it, but I have pinned rhinestone necklaces into my hair every now and then… Mostly for holiday parties, but not exclusively so.

To enter, you’re supposed to go to marieclaire.com/freeforyou — but that page is still featuring November’s giveaways — so you’ll have to wait a bit, yet, to enter. (Doesn’t mean you can’t enter the other ones while you wait!)  If you’re impatient, just go buy these pretty hair accessories now — my guess is they’ll be plenty picked over by holiday.

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  • Barbie Moses

    I’m such a girly girl. Have 5! daughters of my own. Love anything that sparkles,especially in my blonde hair!

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