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Jaynie Went Missing — But Not Like Bunny Lake

By , 6 November, 2009, No Comment

I’ve been sick; that explains both the little blogging this week and the number of magazine posts coming up *wink*

It also explains the absence of any discussion of films.

You’d think, being sick & sofa-bound, that I’d have seen quite a few of them; but the truth is, whatever once I began watching, I fell asleep during. I cannot express how confusing it is to fall asleep watching one movie on TCM and waking up with another on! My addled cough syrup infused brain then desperately tries to find the connections between the two — or more? movies… But without Robert Osborne there to guide me, I struggle until I pass-out again — waking to do it all again.

Bunny Lake Is Missing Film Poster

Bunny Lake Is Missing Film Poster

The only film I did manage to see all the way through was Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965). And it scared the crap cough syrup out of me.

I’m no fan of horror films; but I do love a good thriller that scares me to my bones and makes me want my mommy. And I not did Bunny Lake do that, but I hadn’t guessed the plot.

It may not be fair, given my problems with lucidity, to declare Otto Preminger a genius. But I’m going to anyway. At least for now. I’m going to watch it again when I’m more ‘normal’ just to be sure… Even though I’ll now know the plot, I’ll see if it still holds up.

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  • Francy

    Hey! I love Bunny Lake is Missing, and it’s definately still good on the second viewing. Very creepy movie!

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