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Another Vintage Material Girl

By , 18 January, 2010, 3 Comments

Via this funny post at Kitschy Kitschy Coo, I found a link to this vintage photo of a singing diva that certainly looks an awful lot like Madonna — like vintage Madonna, anyway. (And don’t you just love that gown she’s wearing?!)

1929 Singing Diva

1929 Singing Diva

Do you know who she is?

It’s Olga Baclanova (pronounced bahk-LAH-no-vah), known best for the cult classic Freaks (1932).

She sure reminds me of Madonna.

Olga Baclanova

Olga Baclanova

Olga doesn’t always bear such a striking photographic resemblance to Madonna though…

Olga Baclanova Wearing Hostess Pajamas, 1929

Olga Baclanova Wearing Hostess Pajamas, 1929

Here’s what’s printed on the back of that vintage promotional photo:

HOSTESS PAJAMAS are introduced to Hollywood by Baclanova, Paramount’s Russian artist, who selects green and silver metal cloth, bound with shimmering silver braid for an unusual costume. Exotic modernistic earrings complete this effective ensemble.

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  • Katy

    Holy toledo, she has an amazing resemblance to Madonna. It’s actually quite freaky! Great find. =)

  • Francy

    WOW! She could definately be Madonna’s long-lost twin. How funny!

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