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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Vintage Shoes (And Other Vintage Fashions & Accessories)

By , 17 March, 2010, 4 Comments

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and this thrifty fashion lovin’ girl’s concern for her budget along with the planet, I present this, my “ultimate green post.”

As reported at Things Your Grandmother Knew, eBay’s latest ad campaign includes promoting the eBay Green Team by pointing out how environmentally kind and ethical wearing previously owned clothing is: The greenest product is the one that already exists. And that certainly includes vintage fashions and accessories!

In the ad in the April issue of Marie Claire, eBay shares the following facts:

Choosing new-to-you leather shoes saves more energy than an average household uses in a day.

Buying a pre-loved silk dress saves 95% of the CO2 needed to make a new one.

Choosing a previously owned leather clutch saves as much energy as not watching TV for 3 days straight.

"The Greenest Product" eBay Ad

"The Greenest Product" eBay Ad

The facts may be new, but the principal probably isn’t news to vintage fashion lovers. The question is, do you think this will change buying habits?

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4 Responses {+}

    I love lingerie sheer nylon satins silks panties


    makes me c um lots

  • Lauren

    I have buzzed your post! Great read, by the way.

    – Lauren


  • M

    I’ve already done this for years after learning from my mom that consignment and thrift shopping saves money and helps me find higher quality clothing for a lot less than retail. I have a purple label Ralph Lauren navy wool gabardine sheath dress I got at an upscale consignment store. I’ve had the dress 13 years and still love it and get compliments on it. I even wore it in my engagement portrait.

    I also found my dream wedding dress at a consignment/buys leftover gowns, etc. I got an Alfred angelo cathedral train gown for $400. It may have been worn a bit, but it looked perfect for my wedding. I also got a pair of silk ivory Cythia Rowley shoes for $10 to wear with my gown.

    My Dad’s friends had been bragging about how expensive their daughters’ weddings had been, so he told me if I stayed within a reasonable budget that we agreed upon, that when it was time for my husband and I to purchase our first house, he’d gift us the down payment. He also invited some of his friends to the wedding, and they were commenting on how gorgeous our sunset service at a church within the sand dunes where I grew up– with a trumpeteer and organist plus friends that sang and played instruments like the piano and violin, as well as a bagpiper who walked from outside into the sanctuary playing Amazing Grace in memory of our grandparents. Plus how wonderful our ocean front buffet reception was. They thought it was extremely expensive and couldnt believe it cost a fifth of their daughters’ weddings. They though I was very level headed to trade a down payment on a house in exchange for more flowers, more glitz on my gown, etc. that my husband and I probably wouldn’t remember. We definite remember the house and the wonderful times we had living in it.

    I’ve also found a lot of authentic handbags and wallets as well as scarves and wraps. I love finding a deal and helping the earth.

    We also buy used but certified cars as well. New ones depreciate so much that first year, we’d rather someone else eat that loss. We got a great deal on our latest car because the dealership put the incorrect price on their Internet site, so by law, they had to honor the price, even though it was $10k less than blue book value. We were able to purchase it because our car was totaled and we had money in hand first. Love our car. It also gets tremendous gas mileage, so that helps as well. We buy what’s called first tier gasoline, which is purer and gives us more miles to the gallon than cheaper gas. Dh didn’t believe it would make a difference, so we did an experiment and found it to be true.

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