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I Want To Be A Star Like Hedy Lamarr

By , 8 September, 2011, 1 Comment

I keep looking at this photo of Hedy and wondering how I can surround myself with stars too…

Hedy Lamarr Surrounded By Stars

I figure I should at least be able to make myself a three-layered necklace of stars… Maybe starting with these 33 x 33mm gold-plated star drops?

Gold-plated Drop Star 33x33mm

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  • M

    Macy’s has some pretty star and starfish pendants in their jewelry department. I’m sure there are some pretty dangling earrings somewhere as well. Have you checked Etsy? A lot of people do custom work.

    The way I’d wear the stars is pendants on different types of chains–silver or white gold for me (Macy’s sale also included different chains) along with a set of dangling star earrings.

    This jewelry would be perfect for a gossamer 50s style evening dress with the pinched in waste and full skirt with a crinoline underneath. I might add some clear rhinestones on the bodice, but I think if you added more, you’d look like an extra for It’s a Wonderful Life.

    I also think this look could go rocker chic with dark skinny denim, a tee and sheer drapery cardigan in an off white with perhaps some shimmer to the cardigan and maybe a dark blue tee or tank with screenprinted silver stars. You could add a cuff bracelet and rocker style boots or go more ethereal with shimmery silver wedge sandles or ballet flats.

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