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Lombard: Twentieth Century Fox

By , 21 November, 2011, 1 Comment

A simple — but heavily image laden — review of Twentieth Century (1934); Carole Lombard at her comedic and lingerie-wearing best. First in a bra and step-ins aka tap pants, then in the classic 1930s glamour gown.

Carole Lombard In Bra & Tap Pants

Carole Lombard 1930s Glamour

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    Just stunning! Too bad most stores don’t sell real silk lingerie anymore, and the ones who do are incredibly expensive. I have some experience with sewing, so I was going to try making my own cami and tap pant sets, a couple of luxurious slips, and maybe some old fashioned Hollywood boudior robe and night gown sets. –even after almost 12 years of marriage, I still like to look gorgeous for my husband.

    You wouldn’t believe how inexpensively you can buy silk cloth online. The sewing isn’t that easy, and laces and trims are expensive. I just think people want easy to care for clothing and not a lot of delicate items. Most people can’t tell the difference in silk satin and polyester satin by feel…they look at the garment label or info on the fabric bolts.

    The decline in quality of most clothing makes me sad, and even sadder when I hear where it’s made and by whom.

    As for bras, I think that since the costumes were designed and made for the actors, that any undergarments would be custom made. You can definitely tell in movies like Butterfield 8 where Liz’s slip suits her perfectly at every angle and there are no major wardrobe malfunctions. ;p

    I got professionally fitted at Nordstrom last summer and couldn’t believe how off my measurements were–especially since in the wardrobe sewing class I took, I was shown how to measure so the cloth is cut correctly and only minor adjustments for fit are needed at the end.

    I went from a 38C to a 38DD. 😮 I look a lot better in my clothes and my back feels a lot better. I’ve always had an ample chest. The rest of me isn’t ample, but I’ve learned how to deal with my assets. I am a bit intimidated by sewing my own bra, but I could work up to that. I even know people on the Internet that sew custom corsets.

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