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Contemporary Vintage Bridal Looks

By , 4 January, 2014, No Comment

Vintage style has been influencing the design of wedding dresses since, well,forever! In part this is due to a sense of nostalgia and tradition, but it also had to do with the forever-love of old movies. Thankfully, wedding dress designers know that vintage looks will always be coveted by brides and so vintage inspiration can be seen in contemporary wedding dresses. This means that regardless of your favorite era of film or fashion, you can find a modern-made dress for your special day.

There are many benefits to buying a modern-made, yet vintage-inspired, wedding dress. Contemporary dresses solve the usual problem of finding vintage in your size. And, yes, you’ll have less concerns with tailoring too. But one of the largest benefits of buying new rather than old is that you can get the look you want, but in a style that flatters you and your figure. For example, look at these beautiful wedding gowns which capture the look of that famous gown Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina:

Two-Tone-Strapless-Appliqued-Mermaid-Gown-with-Chapel-Train-and-Lace-Underlay-wedding dress




It’s like a new look at the New Look — or a new look in vintage bridal! Most importantly, while each wedding gown is reminiscent of that black and white New Look dress by Givenchy, each has its own unique take on the design — and each has its own way of flattering the bride’s body.

Of course, the way to really make your wedding gown your own and look different from another bride who bought her dress off the same rack (or purchased at the same online shop) is the same way to make any dress or ensemble your own — with accessories! Wedding gloves and wedding veils make a big difference in the total look of the bride. More than jewelry or shoes, gloves, veils, hats, etc. are the accessories which are most visible in your wedding day photos.

Here are some inspirational brides from vintage films, featuring unforgettable veils and gloves:

high society 1956 grace kelly wedding dress

Liz Taylor Father of the Bride

funny face audrey hepburn wedding dress bridal veil

White Diamonds

By , 7 December, 2011, No Comment

This post is inspired in part by those annoying commercials for brown “chocolate” diamonds (yuck!) and the passing of Liz Taylor. Too many people, in my real world, still only remember Liz from her White Diamonds perfume commercials. Yes, that means they recall the old Liz, the “fat” Liz, but they also are thinking of her in terms of the large more gaudy jewelry too.

White Diamonds Ad

When Liz launched White Diamonds, it was the end of 80s — and big hair still ruled. At least for the ruling class, the rich and mighty as shown on the small screen in shows like Dynasty. Big jewelry was required to balance out that hair and to show the opulence. But that is not the imagery I have in my mind of Liz…

Elegant Elizabeth Taylor

No, I recall the more elegant Elizabeth Taylor. One who’s jewelry was more refined, simple, and was in proportion not only to her hair, her wardrobe, her figure, but her person. She was the exquisite stone to be set off — not covered-up — by what she wore. It’s what we’d call a more classical look.

The Simple Elegance Of Liz Taylor

The great news about this is that with such demure proportions, nearly any fashionista, going for vintage glamour or not, can afford to have diamonds like Elizabeth Taylor.

Liz Taylor Wearing Chandelier Drop Earrings

White Gold Chandelier Drop Diamond Earrings

And you just know that with all of Liz’s glamour, she’s wearing sweet little diamond drop earrings or diamond studs — even if we can’t see them!

Elizabeth Taylor Glamorous In Red Dress & White Fur (Are Diamond Earrings Hiding There?)

Elizabeth Taylor: Natural Elegance

Image credits: While gold Chandelier drop diamond earrings like Elizabeth Taylor wore from Seven Seven Diamonds.

Look Like Liz In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof!

By , 19 October, 2009, 1 Comment

Want a custom classic vintage style dress for the holidays? PinkPurr Studio, “a small custom design studio specializing in the look and femininity of the forties and fifties when the women were women and men were nervous!”, is again offering their reproduction of Liz Taylor’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Dress — including in leopard print!

Custom Reproduction Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Dress

Custom Reproduction Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Dress

This iconic dress requires nine yards of chiffon — not counting lining!

Stunning While Sunning

By , 22 July, 2009, No Comment

Remember when sunlight was simply something divine to sit in?

Elizabeth Taylor Sunning Her Stunning Self, 1955

Elizabeth Taylor Sunning Her Stunning Self, 1955

Tans aside (and certainly Liz was coveted for her pale skin), it not only felt fabulous but such natural lighting made for fantastic photographs. OK, having Liz’s looks, it was hard to take a bad photo, but still…

Now, even when you have slathered on a slew of sunblock, you’ll have a million people warning you of the damages of bathing in the rays of the sun. Just tell them you’re sunning your inner vintage Liz Taylor, and sunlight in a little moderation won’t kill you or anybody else.

Elizabeth Taylor Sunning Herself on the Set of Giant (1955); photograph by Sid Avery.

Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Newman Boo-Boo

By , 4 May, 2009, No Comment

I’m not just sharing this photo of Liz & Paul because it’s hot; can you spot the error on this vintage movie promotional photograph?

Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman

Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman

(Clicking the links will allow you to self-check your knowledge — and see the irony!)

“Maggie the cat is alive.”

By , 22 April, 2009, No Comment

The Etsy seller, gracevintage, calls this beauty a “Maggie the Cat Sultry Vintage 1960s Slip” after Liz Taylor’s character in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958).

Sultry Vintage Slip

Sultry Vintage Slip

Elizabeth Taylor In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Elizabeth Taylor In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

No wonder vintage slips are still very much alive! So seductive it reminds me of another set of quotes from the film:

Brick Pollitt: What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?
Margaret “Maggie” Pollitt: Just staying on it I guess, long as she can.

I guess that’s the victory of such a pretty vintage slip too, to just stay on, as long as it can. *wink*

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