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That’s 40’s Lashes For You!

By , 17 April, 2009, 1 Comment

My favorite (and nearly daily) vintage beauty look is giving myself 40 lashes — 1940’s lashes that is!

The 40’s look was one of the most glamorous yet natural looks ever. The face was kept natural looking, and the eyes, while being the focus, were still not outrageous.

The Lovely Lashed Gene Tierney

The Lovely Lashed Gene Tierney

To recreate this vintage look without looking like you’re stuck in a time-warp or possessing an out-dated style sense, here are a few tips:

* Keep the cosmetics as light & natural as you can. Nothing dramatic; just highlight what you have.

* Use light & fresh rosy shades on cheeks and lips.

* Use neutral or natural shades of eye shadow. Soft browns, whispering violets, and light mauves work best on all skin shades.

* You’ll need well manicured eyebrows. And, unless you’re got the darkest of hair, you’ll darken your brows too — not the black brows of the 20’s, but still dark.

* And you’ll need the ultimate lashes — upper lashes, that is. This is the definitive part of the look.

To see the the world through the fringe of 40’s lashes:

Before you reach for your mascara, get out the curler. Never ever use your eyelash curler after you’ve applied mascara; not only does it clump and mash your mascara, but it will pull out and break-off your eyelashes.

For best results, you may warm up your eyelash curler by placing your plastic eyelash curler in front of a blow dryer blowing warm air. (It only takes a few seconds to heat a plastic eyelash curler — don’t use a metal one because they get too hot.) With the now warmed plastic eyelash curler, gently curl your upper lashes with a soft squeeze near the base of the lashes — then again about half-way up. You have just used the same heat setting qualities of your curling iron to give your lashes a more natural upward curl, as opposed to the strange ‘angled’ lash look. Re-heat the plastic eyelash curler and repeat on the on the lashes of the other eye.

Now you can coat your upper lashes with your favorite mascara.

Next, along your upper lash line, glue false strip lashes that are longer than your natural ones — just long enough to make your real eyelashes appear more noticeable and defined.

Then, using a black liquid eyeliner, create a very thin, fine & even line over the region where your false lashes meet your lash line. This helps pronounce the shape of the eye as well as disguise the fake lashes from the real lashes.

Now, for a bit of balance, you may apply a light coat of mascara to your bottom lashes. Do not use any eyeliner along the lash line; you may use a very light application of the same eyeshadow used on the lid to gently line the lashes, but that’s it.

If you’re not used to this look, it may seem out of balance, “too light” compared to the heavy fringe above, but that’s the look. Not only that, but heavier top lashes will draw attention up, up and away — even drawing attention away from dark circles!

A very simplified way to do this for really busy days (everyday is a really busy day lol) is to just focus on the eyelashes. One or two coats of mascara on well-curled upper lashes, none on the bottom, and you’ve got a hint of the vintage look without a lot of work, (And less mascara smudges to worry about because most smudges occur from mascara on the bottom lashes.) If you have great skin, skip all other makeup. Easy-peasy!

Since I wear this look a lot, my eyelashes get a real work-out. Even the gentlest curling, kindest mascara, easiest to remove false eyelashes, and the mildest yet most efficient eye makeup remover (used in the most tender, non-skin-pulling fashion) means my eyelashes get quite a work-out. I didn’t think about it much — until the makers of LashFood contacted me and gave me their LashFood Eyelash Conditioning Stimulant to try.

LashFood Eyelash Conditioner

LashFood Eyelash Conditioner

The company says the product takes 2-4 weeks to really see results, and the full results will be seen after 2 or 3 months (don’t worry, one bottle lasts approximately 5 months, if used as directed), but after a few days (and I mean 2-3 days), I noticed that my eyelashes actually had a sheen to them! Like dark shining hair on shampoo commercials even!

I don’t know if my eyelashes have ever had that before (and if they did, I can’t imagine how long ago it was), but I do know that it makes me feel the beauty of an eyelash flutter — even when my lashes are naked.

I guess that’s what stronger, healthier, better conditioned lashes look like *wink* (See, that wink even sexier than before!)

What LashFood is, is a scientific, liquid blend of natural ingredients that you apply like eyeliner. Twice a day, just dip it into the bottle, and use the brush to slowly drag it along at the base of your lashes. It doesn’t sting or anything — not even when you’ve just applied it before you watch your favorite movie & cry like a baby. (I know; I’ve tested it!) If anything, you just feel the cool slip of the brush applicator and that’s that. And it’s perfectly safe to apply makeup over it (and I can honestly say that it doesn’t interfere with the way your makeup looks or lasts).

The liquid formula of biotin and arginie (natural amino acids) and iris extract (natural oriental medicine complex extract) promotes the natural growth of healthy lashes. Darker, fuller, longer, and, at least for me, shinier eyelashes.

LashFood can also be used on eyebrows. Now, I know what all you pluckers think, “Who wants darker, fuller, thicker eyebrows?!” While lots of looks demand the control & shaping of eyebrows (especially vintage beauty looks, like 1940’s eyes), brows should also be strong & vibrant, framing your eyes. Lots of women have eyebrows which are thin and/or weak in spots, either from over-zealous plucking, health reasons, or just the bad luck of the genetic draw. Some women have “yesteryear’s eyebrows”, where plucking was done “so well” for one decade’s style, that the hairs refuse to grow in for fuller brows. Ugh. But the makers of LashFood even go as far as to say that the product has helped some users with sparse, balding areas on their brows begin to grow new hair as well.

So, naturally darker, longer, thicker, healthier eyelashes and eyebrows in just weeks for just $115 — and since the .34 oz tube lasts 5 months, that’s just $23 a month. Totally worth it for my strong & healthy — and shiny — lashes.