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Contemporary Vintage Bridal Looks

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Vintage style has been influencing the design of wedding dresses since, well,forever! In part this is due to a sense of nostalgia and tradition, but it also had to do with the forever-love of old movies. Thankfully, wedding dress designers know that vintage looks will always be coveted by brides and so vintage inspiration can be seen in contemporary wedding dresses. This means that regardless of your favorite era of film or fashion, you can find a modern-made dress for your special day.

There are many benefits to buying a modern-made, yet vintage-inspired, wedding dress. Contemporary dresses solve the usual problem of finding vintage in your size. And, yes, you’ll have less concerns with tailoring too. But one of the largest benefits of buying new rather than old is that you can get the look you want, but in a style that flatters you and your figure. For example, look at these beautiful wedding gowns which capture the look of that famous gown Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina:

Two-Tone-Strapless-Appliqued-Mermaid-Gown-with-Chapel-Train-and-Lace-Underlay-wedding dress




It’s like a new look at the New Look — or a new look in vintage bridal! Most importantly, while each wedding gown is reminiscent of that black and white New Look dress by Givenchy, each has its own unique take on the design — and each has its own way of flattering the bride’s body.

Of course, the way to really make your wedding gown your own and look different from another bride who bought her dress off the same rack (or purchased at the same online shop) is the same way to make any dress or ensemble your own — with accessories! Wedding gloves and wedding veils make a big difference in the total look of the bride. More than jewelry or shoes, gloves, veils, hats, etc. are the accessories which are most visible in your wedding day photos.

Here are some inspirational brides from vintage films, featuring unforgettable veils and gloves:

high society 1956 grace kelly wedding dress

Liz Taylor Father of the Bride

funny face audrey hepburn wedding dress bridal veil

So Princess Grace

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This vintage satin Ceil Chapman dress features metallic gold organza, rhinestones, faux pearls, and enough New Look glamour to make any girl a princess.

Vintage 1950s Ceil Chapman Satin Beaded Dress

Monday Movie Theme

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I’m new to the Monday Movie Meme (I found it via Kitsch Slapped), so I’m not sure if there was a mistake in offering two distinctly different themes in one day — or if it was done to allow options in your posting. But since Deanna dished on the 80’s films, I thought I’d take a stab at the Alfred Hitchcock movie meme — even though I’ve only seen two of his films. (Which reminds me, since I’ve seen so few Hitchcock films, that I’ll have to add him to the Classic Schmassic list.)

My favorite — and the first Hitchcock film I’ve ever seen — was To Catch a Thief (1955). Even though I didn’t even realize that was a Hitchcock film! I just fell in love with Cary Grant (as John Robie, The Cat) and Grace Kelly was pretty enough to make me wonder if I was a lesbian.

Cary Grant & Grace Kelly

Cary Grant & Grace Kelly

Eventually, I just figured it was the fashions. New Look fashions just drop me to my knees. Always have; probably always will.

Talk about suave; who even cared if there was a plot? But of course there was, and for a little while, I even found myself (gasp!) routing for Danielle (Brigitte Auber) to catch The Cat.

To Catch A Thief Still With Auber On Left

To Catch A Thief Still With Auber On Left

I’m not sure if that was routing for the underdog, or just more of the fashions and their fit (Brigitte Auber wasn’t built like Audrey Hepburn, but she wore similar styles — and Auber’s build was more “real,” more like me than ultra-waif-like).

In any case, I did swing back to the more aloof Kelly — but was there really a choice? *wink*

Catching A Thief

Catching A Thief