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Ready For The Oscars?

By , 23 February, 2012, No Comment

Via Collectors Quest, free DIY Oscar party printables in elegant black and white from Twig & Thistle!

Black Paper Oscar Statuettes

Oscar Party Ballot Printable

The Here’s Linking To You, Kid Vintage Glamour Link Round Up

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Check out the Bobbed-Hair Bimbos! Too charming!

Visit Hollywood homes at Christmas time, 1946.

Since vintage fashion lovers are familiar with auctions, check out this auction story from 1877.

Foundation garments, especially bras, are the foundation of any wardrobe, so check out A Slip Of A Girl‘s contest where she’s giving away five signed copies of bra fit expert Ali Cudby‘s book.  You know Barbara Stanwyck was a believer in finding a proper bra fit!

Barbara Stanwyck: Discreet But Visible Bra Beneath Sheer Blouse

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid Is Moving!

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Please, please, please come visit me at the new site: heres-looking-like-you-kid.com!

Modern Photographer’s Silent Film Homage

By , 26 March, 2010, 2 Comments

I just adore these photos by Eugenio Recuenco; they capture the essence of silent film as well as inspire more modern wearable fashion interpretations!

Eugenio Recuenco Photo

Eugenio Recuenco Photo

Silent Film Glamour

Silent Film Glamour

Silent Film Fashion Homage By Eugenio Recuenco

Silent Film Fashion Homage By Eugenio Recuenco

Silver Screen Beauty

Silver Screen Beauty

Classic Silent Film Drama Scene

Classic Silent Film Drama Scene

Vintage-Style Photo By Eugenio Recuenco

Vintage-Style Photo By Eugenio Recuenco

Fin - The End

Fin - The End

Photographer found via.

Got Glamour?

By , 23 December, 2009, No Comment

glamourous-awardApparently I do! *wink* The adorable — and glamorous — Francy Jeanne of Pixie Drive-In has given me the Glamourous Award, which was created by Blonde Episodes.

The rules for this blogging award are to post about your award and pass it along to 10 bloggers you love, linking to them in your post. (And let them know you awarded them!)

1. A Tad Too Much Tan For Taupe (and her lingerie blog too)
2. B.Vikki Vintage
3. Bobbins and Bombshells
4. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion
5. Out of the Past ~ A Classic Film Blog
6. Oolala!
7. The Debutante Blog
8. Vintage Goodness
9. Vixen Vintage
10. Wallflower Vintage

I would also like to take this time, while you are most likely checking out links and bookmarking them, to mention that two Twolia bloggers, Deanna of Kitsch Slapped and Alessia of Relationship Underarm Stick, are moving at the first of the new year — their new home will be at Kitsch-Slapped.com, with Alessia’s relationship and dating blogging here.

Hey, Wallflower Vintage… Here’s Linking To You, Kid!

By , 25 September, 2009, No Comment

Lynn from Wallflower Vintage emailed me to introduce herself and to direct my circle-skirt-loving self to her recent post about a vintage Mexican circle skirt (the skirt is also for sale in her shop!). I have to say that Lynn and her cohorts at the Wallflower Vintage blog are to be much admired (and a bit envied!) for the creativity and effort they put into their blog posts — especially the images. Especially the images and posts where they pair vintage fashions with old pulp novels! I hope they keep that up!

Vintage Fashion Mixed With Vintage Pulps!

Vintage Fashion Mixed With Vintage Pulps!

Iconic Film Fashion Lists

By , 17 September, 2009, No Comment

Turner Classic Movies teamed up with some fashion designers to create a list of the 15 best films with iconic and/or trend-setting fashion for the LA Times blog — and Kate Gabrielle of Silents And Talkies responded with a few picks of her own. Her comments about Marilyn really struck home for me:

I couldn’t really pick any single Marilyn Monroe film, but I thought that leaving her out of the LA Times list was a glaring error. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly may be remembered more as style icons of the 1950’s, but for curvy girls like me, Marilyn Monroe is proof that we can carry off an outfit just as nicely as (or better than!) stick thin girls. Her wardrobe in How to Marry a Millionaire and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes may be my favorites.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is probably my Marilyn fashion film favorite — but How To Marry A Millionaire is a close second. But I can’t help but wonder why, yet again, the thinnest — even in beauty icons — are the ones recognized as fashion icons.

I Got An Award, So It’s Here’s Linking To You, Kid Time!

By , 9 September, 2009, No Comment
Kreative Blogger Award

Kreative Blogger Award

Fuzzylizzie of Fuzzylizzie Vintage Clothing just gave me an award!

I believe I’m now supposed to select Seven Exceptional Blogs & tell you Seven Things I Love… But what I think I’ll do (and I don’t think it’s cheating!), is select the seven blogs and, for the “things I love” part, show you a specific post that illustrates why I love the blog I’ve named.

(You’ll likely also notice that there is some overlap between my list and Fuzzylizzy’s… I do believe that blog award rules, like fashion rules were meant to be broken — or at least altered to fit one’s needs *wink*)

Lulu’s Vintage: A great vintage fashion blog you probably already know about — and have been wondering why it’s been absent from my sidebar. All I can say in my defense is that sometimes my intentions are thwarted by my own actions; in this case, too busy reading & shopping to get myself over here and make a link. Shame on me? Yes, but it’s kind of Lulu’s fault for showing me such grand stuff! Like Lulu’s Vintage Awards.

Speaking of Lulu’s awards, this next blog/blogger continually wins them: Couture Allure. Sure her finds are stunning, but no matter what your life style, how little is in your piggy bank, you can dream and learn with lovely long posts that show you pretty photos and fill you with fashion facts.

Bobbins and Bombshells is a blog that found me — well, the blogger found this blog and posted a comment (Yup, that really works!) and ever since, I’ve been smitten with this vintage inspired creative kitten. It’s one part vintage fashion adoration, one part DIY, and one part newsy dish. (The blog is now on the sidebar.)

Tales From A Vintage Wardrobe (you might know it as The Red Velvet Shoe, but that’s really the owner’s vintage shop’s name) is another new discovery for me that’s so good, I’m adding it to my sidebar. The Romper Room post typifies what I’m lovin’ about this blog: lots of photos, things to think about — and she’s brave enough to model for photos she uses at the blog!

Kitsch Slapped: Not always about fashion, not always glamorous, not even always vintage — but totally worth a daily visit. If you love vintge & retro stuff, pop culture, and some occasional (feminist) ranting, you’ll love to be kitsch-slapped! I won’t even tell you what this Kitsch Slapped post is about — one should just be surprised with what they discover at Kitsch Slapped. *wink*

Jersey Girl (of Dandelion Vintage) is another blog that’s not always about vintage fashion — it’s more of a vintage lifestyle blog. But that isn’t a slight (it’s on the list, isn’t it?) because sometimes I just go there to get in the mood… The days I do, my pocketbook usually suffers for it, because I’ll be dreaming & twirling in my head & then need to find just the right skirt or accessory… Just like she does. *wink*

Speaking of getting in the mood… If you’re looking for ideas for films (which may put you in the mood for fashions), check out Vintage Meld — Cliff will show you a good time. Mainly ‘the meld’ is all about collecting Hollywood memorabilia, old magazines & other ephemera, but he does offer film reviews and information about films & stars of the past — including the occasional field trip, like to the Ava Gardner Museum!

One last bit of business before you go off & visit all the award winners… Please check your readers, bookmarks & blog sidebars to make sure you are linking to Here’s Looking Like You, Kid correctly. Many of you are still using the old URL and that doesn’t work anymore! Be sure you’ve got the proper one: http://heres-looking-like-you-kid.com/ Thanks!

The Fabulous! Festival

By , 18 May, 2009, No Comment
Vintage Hane's Stockings Ad

Vintage Hane's Stockings Ad

For fashionistas who like to learn about fashions — old & new — I’m proud to share with you this month’s edition of the fabulous! festival. Hosting was fun!


Icy presents L’Oreal Infallible 16 Hours Lipstick Compact posted at Individual Chic.

Woman Tribune presents Piggy Paint Finally Makes Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Nail Polish a Reality posted at Woman Tribune.


Azrael Brown presents Three Gents In Snappy Hats posted at Infomercantile.

Deanna presents Smoking Hot Fashion: Recycled From Cigarette Butts posted at Kitsch Slapped.

Ed Biado presents Today’s most common fashion mistakes posted at Ed Biado at MST Life | Philippine Lifestyle News.

Ed Biado also presents Sunglasses at Ed Biado at MST Life | Philippine Lifestyle News.

Fabulously Broke presents 3 work environments to dress for posted at Fabulously Broke …in the City.

Pop Tart presents Tips On Darning Stockings & White Satin Blouses Yellowing? at Things Your Grandmother Knew.

Savings not shoes presents How to update your wardrobe after a major weight loss or gain posted at Savings not Shoes.

Personal Style:

Deanna presents The Answer To One Of Life’s Hardest Questions posted at Kitsch Slapped.

Icy presents A handbag of uniqueness, Part 1 & Part 2 at Individual Chic.

Pop Tart presents Kilgallen’s Boo-Boo posted at Kitschy Kitschy Coo.

Tali presents Mexican Pinups – A Cinco De Mayo Special- The Pinup Blog Way posted at The Pinup Blog.


This one may not entirely fit the theme, but I found Matt Curt’s Mafia Looking College Basketball Coaches (posted at NCAA Football 10 News) too clever not to include.

The next edition of the fabulous! festival will be hosted by Barry at 3stylelife.com on June 15 and the deadline for submissions is June 12th. You can submit your posts here.

Vintage stocking ad Found in Mom’s Basement.

All Sorts Of Goodies — So Here’s Linking To You, Kid!

By , 20 April, 2009, No Comment

This week on the Vintage Roadshow…

Vintage Summer White Fashions

Vintage Summer White Fashions

Couture Allure shows how to wear summer whites with dresses from 1960 as inspiration. (That’s where the image is from!)

Debutante Clothing goes vintage shopping in her own closet.

Glamoursplash looks at swimsuits used for all kinds of advertising.

(And I give you 40 lashes — 1940’s eyelashes, that is!)

Speaking of me…

I recently made an edition of the Carnival of The Vanities..

I was also honored to have three of my posts make the cut for the latest edition of the Fabulous! Festival — including Rolled Stockings, Bees Knees, And All That Jazz being selected as one of the Top Three Posts! Even more remarkable, here’s what host had to say about my post:

One of the best explanations of historical fashion I’ve seen on the internet. A really interesting look at women’s fashion in the early half of the twentieth century. Very impressive!

I won’t need to rouge my knees — or anything else — I’m blushing everywhere as it is! Thanks, Barry!

More about me — and you too!

I’ll be hosting the next edition of The Fabulous! Festival (on May 18th). Please use carnival submission form to submit something you wrote — or read — about fashion that you think should be in next month’s carnival.

(More information, including past carnivals and future carnival hosts can be found on the blog carnival’s index page.)

Free & Fun

Free: Enter A Slip of a Girl’s “Shape You, Shape You Very Much!” Contesttwo lucky winners will each receive a beautiful bustier from ShapeMeBra.com — which Slip of a Girl “lustily reviewed” here.  (I’m in need of a white longline bra because summer is on its way!)

Fun: Just for fun, can you identify the young starlet in this photo? If so, post a comment below!

Guess Who!

Guess Who!