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Vintage Film High-Five Friday

By , 26 March, 2010, No Comment

This week’s High-Five Friday links are all about vintage films:

1. Film Sufi writes about Arthur Robison’s Warning Shadows (Schatten – eine Nächtliche Halluzination, 1923).

2. At Allure, actress Anna Sten.

3. Slip gushes about Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (1966).

4. A general shout-out to the Pre Code Film Community at LJ, where I spend hours several times a month.

5. And, because I really don’t cover horror films and fans of same might feel neglected, check out The Gorgon (1964) at Ferdy On Films.

High Five Friday Links To Vintage Fashion, Film History & Collectible News

By , 5 February, 2010, No Comment

This week’s High-Five Friday are a mixed lot of glamorous vintage fashion and film history and collectibles — and news.

1. At The Vintage Powder Room, researching The Lady Conceta face powder box — including a discussion of shawls & Lupe Velez.

2. At Kitsch Slapped, the unfairness of showing an obsessive collector playing cards with silent film star photos.

3. Cliff Aliperti gives his blog a cool name: Immortal Ephemera! (Here’s the story of the name.)

4. Shopping Alert! Violetville Vintage, an eBay seller that I’ve mentioned a few times at this blog (at least in terms of posting about individual vintage fashion finds), has a new store site: Violetvillevintage.com.

5. And, because I have a lot of old photos and vintage magazines, I’m thinking of attending the Organizing a Bookmark Collection and How To Store And Display Your Bookmark Collection sessions at the Bookmark Collectors Virtual Conference — if you mention Inherited Values when you register, you might get a free, limited edition, commemorative bookmark too.

High Five Friday: Vintage Film & Fashion Fun

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High Five Friday (Mostly Silent Film Goodies!)

By , 8 January, 2010, No Comment

I’m giving High-Fives this Friday to:

1. Incredible silent film news at Inherited Values: finding lost Annette Kellerman film footage! (Other silent film finds too!)

2. And, if you don’t know who Annette Kellerman is… Check out this piece on Kellerman at Gadabout.

Signed Annette Kellerman Photo

Signed Annette Kellerman Photo

3. Also at Inherited Values: meet Mary Fuller — and let her introduce you to Frankenstein?!

4. While you making new acquaintances with old film stars, meet Phyllis Haver over at Things & Other Stuff.

5. Glamourdaze has a fab fashion post on the glamour of 1930’s shoes (via Shoe Fits).

High Fives For Vintage Lovers

By , 4 December, 2009, No Comment

I’m giving High-Fives this Friday to:

1. Dealers Are Your Friends (Or, Why You Should Shop At The Antique Shops): Good reminders of all that sellers of fine vintage fashions go through and why you should be willing to pay their prices.

2. Dreaming of holiday dresses from 1957 with Couture Allure.

3. Authentic Audrey Hepburn fashions up for action at Kerry Taylor Auctions (December 8th).

4. B. Vikki Vintage reminds us why fools fall in love.

5. Wallflower Vintage shows us how vintage keeps creepin’ up on the small screen — this time it’s Ms. Emma Pillsbury on Glee.

High Five Friday: Vintage Fashion & Beauty Edition

By , 20 November, 2009, No Comment

High-Five Fridays are easy ways to acknowledge cool articles you’ve read during the week, or a way to give a high-five to a blog or blogger you just like in general by giving them a link — and some readers, we hope! Here are mine for this week:

1 One of Klaudia’s Shoe Fits is finding boots like Brigitte Bardot wore in 1968’s Shalako.

2 At GadaboutMedia, Deanna looks at the shades of history in cosmetic powder colors.

3 At Collectors’ Quest, Val Ubell wishes she had saved her clothing because it’s vintage now — and I agree! (Not only do I wish I had saved more of my own clothing for the return of the 80s, but if Val had saved her own there would be more to buy!)

4 & 5 At Kitsch Slapped, Deanna (how does she write it all?!) shows us vintage cosmetic products used to hide bare legs during wartime rationing — and, while researching vintage mesh purses, she discovered an unusual bit of film history.

High-Five Friday: Vintage Fashion & Film Edition

By , 9 July, 2009, No Comment

Another High-Five Friday!

1. Your Momma Wears Capri Pants, a feminist fashion history lesson including Audrey Hepburn (and some snark) at Kitsch-Slapped.

2. Find a fabulous celebration of two years of vintage film posts at Out Of The Past — congrats, Raquelle!

3. Antique Jewelry – Investment and Fashion at Central Kentucky Antiques and Collectibles.

4. Clifford Aliperti, of Vintage Meld, is also the NY Classic Films Examiner, so add that to your list of usual haunts.

5. The 3rd edition of the New Vintage Reviews Carnival, where “old stuff” (vintage film included!) is reviewed monthly, is out and if you’ve got something to share, you can submit your own posts (or those you find elsewhere) via the carnival submission form for the next editions.

High-Fashion High-Five Friday

By , 12 December, 2008, No Comment

High-Five Fridays: The Tutorial & Guide Edition

By , 5 December, 2008, No Comment

It’s another High-Five Friday!

1 Josi at The Daily Beauty Break has a great tutorial on getting — and keeping — those sexy, glamorous red lips.

2 Speaking of red lips… Alessia at Relationship Underarm Stick dishes about men & red lipstick.

3 Deanna at Collectors’ Quest has an excellent guide to the care & repair of vintage jewelry.

4 Since many vintage jewelry pieces (as well as accessories such as purses, belts and shoes) are made of or have parts made of Lucite, Bakelite and celluloid, also see Deanna’s super guide to identification and care of vintage plastics.

5 Laura at Fashion Fix shows us a cute swinging 60’s coat. OK, so it’s not a guide — but it’s adorable!