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Quick Film News, November, 1949

By , 1 September, 2009, No Comment

In that November 21, 1949 issue of Quick magazine which featured Esther Williams, some interesting films news…

First, the prediction that “within five years over half of all Hollywood films will be in color. Reason: two new color processes — one developed by Kodak, the other by Cinecolor — which will give Technicolor its first competition in many years.”

And below that, news that “studios were upping their quota of Westerns” — including a photographic “study in mayhem” in “Saturday-matinee style” of John Hodiak “knocking the whey out of Robert Taylor.”

1949 Film News, Quick Magazine

1949 Film News, Quick Magazine

Also, under “Quick predicts,” one-liners on the back few pages:

Ida Lupino’s “Sleeper”: Not Wanted, Ida Lupino’s little picture starring young unknowns, will be the “sleeper” of the year. It cost $140,000, already is near $1 million in domestic box-office gross.

Ida Lupino made her directing debut in Not Wanted, although she was uncredited as per her request. Just a few days into filming, the original director, Elmer Clifton, suffered a serious heart attack and was unable to complete the picture. (Clifton, in fact, died shortly after the film’s release.) The film did indeed to well at the box office, but I don’t think the B-movie ever got quite the hoopla that Quick predicted… Then again, making such a prediction after a film’s grossed a million (in 1949 dollars) isn’t much of a prediction, is it? *wink* (I just purchased Not Wanted at Amazon; so watch for the review.).

Male Star: Hollywood’s fastest-rising male star in 1950 will be Wendell Corey. Cause: hit roles in Holiday Affair, Thelma Jordan, No Sad Songs for Me, The Furies.

Call me film-illiterate, but I only (vaguely) recall Corey for his stint as the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences… If he was meteoric in his rise, I guess I’m ignorant; TCM too because they don’t even have a photo of him on his profile/bio page.