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Rich In Stripes

By , 10 August, 2009, No Comment
Irene Rich, 1937

Irene Rich, 1937

When I spotted this vintage photograph of Irene Rich I thought two things — film & fashion. (What else?! lol)

My first thought was the film thought — and the usual thought I have regarding Irene Rich: How ironic that when the talkies came in and (despite her fine voice) the film studios lost interest in her, Rich rebounded with a lovely career in radio.

And my next thought was about fashion: Look how lovely all those small stripes are!

In the 1980’s there were lots of jersey ensembles; pants, “unstructured jackets,” and pants — including wide loose fitting pants like these. Perhaps, with this current 80’s revival, I can hope from someone to put an ensemble like this into production.