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A Flurry Of Vintage Wedding Posts

By , 4 January, 2014, No Comment

Just in from a dear friend’s wedding, and I am not tired — I am too wired to sleep!

There’s just something so magical about weddings. They are like snowflakes, with no two alike.

Speaking of snowflakes, how fabulous is this vintage white rhinestone choker necklace?! A trio of white lacy layers make this stunning piece of vintage costume jewelry perfect for a winter bride. (Or, if you see flowers more than snowflakes — or just have a summer wedding planned, it will work that way too!)

Anyway, while I have weddings on my mind (and try to make myself sleepy), I’m going to make a “flurry” of vintage wedding themed posts. *wink*

Snowflake-Floral Pattern Vintage Necklace For The Bride

Who Doesn’t Love Rhinestones? Especially When On Sale!

By , 3 February, 2012, No Comment

Authentic vintage glamour with this rhinestone bracelet by Betsey Johnson. This pretty bracelet, part of Betsey’s Iconic Mesh Bows Collection, is now on sale — half price! Sale found via Shop It To Me.

Betsey Johnson Rhinestone & Chain Bracelet with Mesh Bows

Classic Maltese Cross Bangle On Sale

By , 14 December, 2011, No Comment

The Large Cross Hinge Bangle Bracelet by Betsey Johnson is a classic big black bangle bracelet with a big Maltese Cross — and it’s on sale for just $35.99. (Sale found via my Sale Mail Alert from Shop It To Me.)

Betsey Johnson Black Bangle Bracelet Wih Maltese Cross

White Diamonds

By , 7 December, 2011, No Comment

This post is inspired in part by those annoying commercials for brown “chocolate” diamonds (yuck!) and the passing of Liz Taylor. Too many people, in my real world, still only remember Liz from her White Diamonds perfume commercials. Yes, that means they recall the old Liz, the “fat” Liz, but they also are thinking of her in terms of the large more gaudy jewelry too.

White Diamonds Ad

When Liz launched White Diamonds, it was the end of 80s — and big hair still ruled. At least for the ruling class, the rich and mighty as shown on the small screen in shows like Dynasty. Big jewelry was required to balance out that hair and to show the opulence. But that is not the imagery I have in my mind of Liz…

Elegant Elizabeth Taylor

No, I recall the more elegant Elizabeth Taylor. One who’s jewelry was more refined, simple, and was in proportion not only to her hair, her wardrobe, her figure, but her person. She was the exquisite stone to be set off — not covered-up — by what she wore. It’s what we’d call a more classical look.

The Simple Elegance Of Liz Taylor

The great news about this is that with such demure proportions, nearly any fashionista, going for vintage glamour or not, can afford to have diamonds like Elizabeth Taylor.

Liz Taylor Wearing Chandelier Drop Earrings

White Gold Chandelier Drop Diamond Earrings

And you just know that with all of Liz’s glamour, she’s wearing sweet little diamond drop earrings or diamond studs — even if we can’t see them!

Elizabeth Taylor Glamorous In Red Dress & White Fur (Are Diamond Earrings Hiding There?)

Elizabeth Taylor: Natural Elegance

Image credits: While gold Chandelier drop diamond earrings like Elizabeth Taylor wore from Seven Seven Diamonds.

Sometimes You Just Can’t Get That Authentic Vintage Look

By , 3 November, 2011, 1 Comment

Sometimes you just can’t replicate the look — not on my budget, anyway. Exhibit A: Peggy Hopkins Joyce.

Peggy Hopkins Joyce

On the back of the vintage photo, the reasons why most of us can’t get this look: “Peggy Hopkins Joyce, star of Earl Carroll’s Vanities of 1923 wearing a $6,000 gown of rhinestones and chinchilla and her million and a half dollars in jewels”.

Description Of Fashions

The seller offers this history on Joyce:

Famous mainly for being famous — and for marrying and divorcing (or merely dating) a dizzying array of millionaires — blonde-bobbed Peggy Hopkins Joyce (born Marguerite Upton) had been in the Follies and Earl Carroll’s Vanities when the famous illustrator James Montgomery Flagg directed her in a series of short subjects in the 1910s. She would descend on Hollywood at intervals in the 1910s, 1920s, and early ’30s but managed mainly to prove that she was no actress. Her most notorious film appearance was also her last, playing an internationally famous gold digger in International House (1933), a hodgepodge Paramount comedy in which she earned top billing over the likes of George Burns, Gracie Allen, and W. C. Fields. The latter supplied the film’s biggest laugh and most notorious moment in a scene that has to be seen to be believed, but which included the suggestive discussion of the whereabouts of a cat. Her life an endless series of tabloid headlines, Peggy Hopkins Joyce is believed to have been the inspiration for the character of the mercenary Lorelei Lee in Anita Loos’ twice-filmed Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. One of her contemporaries perhaps best summed up her appeal; said nightclub hostess Texas Guinan: “Peggy Hopkins Joyce should not be buried like other folks, or cremated, or anything like that, but just be put into Tiffany’s window to sparkle forever.” ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

I Want To Be A Star Like Hedy Lamarr

By , 8 September, 2011, 1 Comment

I keep looking at this photo of Hedy and wondering how I can surround myself with stars too…

Hedy Lamarr Surrounded By Stars

I figure I should at least be able to make myself a three-layered necklace of stars… Maybe starting with these 33 x 33mm gold-plated star drops?

Gold-plated Drop Star 33x33mm

When You Say, “Drama,” I Say…

By , 13 April, 2010, 2 Comments

When you say, “Drama,” I say, “Evelyn Brent.” Exhibit A, these photos taken by Otto Dyar.

The Stunningly Dramatic Evelyn Brent

The Stunningly Dramatic Evelyn Brent

(I believe these were a series of promotional photos for the actress herself and are not tied to any individual films — but then, with so many lost silent films, it’s difficult to say… Perhaps “Salome” is the title of a film and not just the character she created in the photograph?)

It’s not just the stunning photographs, the bold black and white fashions, or even Brent’s singular beauty…

Evelyn Brent As "Salome" (Photo By Otto Dyar)

Evelyn Brent As "Salome" (Photo By Otto Dyar)

It’s the accessories.

Evelyn Brent: Hair & Accessories

Evelyn Brent: Hair & Accessories

The barrettes or combs in the hair — and the pearls, oh, the pearls!

Intrigued? Check out Evelyn Brent: The Life and Films of Hollywood’s Lady Crook— it’s on my wishlist!

Is Rebecca Minkoff A Big Fat Liar? (And Other Fashion Designer & Magazine Sins)

By , 19 November, 2009, No Comment

I told you I was sick and stuck looking at a bunch of magazines… If anyone thought that looking at the marked pages later would temper my responses, they were wrong! I am trying to move past the rants (and the 1980s) as quickly as possible, but here’s an upsetting thing from November’s Marie Claire that I could not ignore:


Rebecca Minkoff’s leather bracelets. Inspired by the strap on her handbags. Biker meets Barneys.

Is Rebecca Minkoff a big fat liar? A picture’s worth a thousand words — so here’s a picture of two of my own leather bracelets that I still saved from my days and nights in the 80’s:


I’m not going to say that these leather bracelets are a pure invention of the 80’s; they owe inspiration to the 60’s — and heaven knows who and where before that. Somethings go far so back, it’s nearly impossible to give proper credit. But to intimate that a current designer is responsible for or invented a look is maddening.

Marie Claire staff may be as young as Minkoff, and so maybe not one of them wore one of these ‘back in the day’, but shouldn’t someone recall seeing these before? They were everywhere in the 1980’s. If they forgot that mom, the cool babysitter, etc., wore them, then how about seeing them in glossy fashion magazines? Maybe even in their own publication, say September, 2008 — or the competition they peruse. Everyone’s talking about the 80’s (even though they might be doing poor jobs of matching looks), so how on earth does anyone miss these facts. (Period, cuz that’s rhetorical.)

OK, so maybe calling Minkoff a liar is a bit much… But let’s not act like she — or any of the plethora of studded and adorned leather bracelet designers out now — were inspired void of any knowledge of these accessories, of the styles and designs which came before them.

Designers who replicate the past and do not acknowledge such inspiration annoy me to no end; magazines who pander & promote such inaccuracies will get smacked in the nose by their own rolled-up glossy-page publications– just like a dog who pees on the carpet.

Cheer-Up, Pup!

By , 3 November, 2009, No Comment

What do you do to perk up a rather sad solid sweater or sweater set? Why you pin on a vintage mink poodle pin, of course!

Vintage Mink 1950's Poodle Pin

Vintage Mink 1950's Poodle Pin

Take A Gamble On Cuff Links

By , 20 October, 2009, No Comment

You know I love cuff links, but for those of you who are unsure if such fashion bits and bobs are right for either you or your gent, consider these beauties by Belisi:

Gambling Themed Cufflinks That Actually Work

Gambling Themed Cufflinks That Actually Work

And these casino themed cufflinks actually work! Such novelty may never wear off!

Working slot machine cuff links, now on sale at Belisi.