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Lucille Ricksen

By , 15 October, 2009, No Comment

Via Kitsch Slapped’s latest edition of the History Is Ephemeral Carnival, I found this article about Little Lucille Ricksen. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her, even though she was a contemporary of Dorothy Mackaill and Clara Bow:

Her career began as a child model and at the tender age of eleven, was cast by Samuel Goldwyn in a comedy serial entitled “The Adventures of Edgar Pomeroy.” There were twelve installments and were based on stories of Booth Tarkington. She became a leading lady at the young age of thirteen after being “discovered” by Marshall Neilan.

Lucille Ricksen

Lucille Ricksen

On March 13, 1925, at the age of 15, Lucille Ricksen died of tuberculosis.

Image via SilentLadies.com.