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You Can Leave Your Hat On

By , 29 September, 2011, No Comment

If you really want to wear fascinators or other vintage hats, check out these tips on wearing hats! (For other hat styles and periods, also see my other posts: 1960s hairstyles with hats and, for cloche hats and other flapper looks, this post on bobs and guiches!)

Rita Hayworth: Netted Hat & Animal Print Muff

Hooray For 5 Minute Victory Rolls!

By , 4 December, 2008, No Comment

Love the pretty curves of hair worn by Rita Hayworth in this vintage ad?

Rita Hayworth In Imerial Cultured Pearls Ad

Rita Hayworth In Imperial Cultured Pearls Ad

They are called “victory rolls”.

While “victory rolls” were originally the name for a fighter plane maneuver, women adopted the term for the rolls of hair to celebrate victory in WWII.

Linda Darnell Wearing Victory Rolls Seated In US War Plane

Linda Darnell Wearing Victory Rolls

The victory roll hairstyle was wildly popular in the 1940’s — and not just for the name, but for their ease in creation. Any hairstyle in the 40’s had to be created without modern styling products — including blow dryers. If you don’t know the secret to 1940’s hair, it’s the hair spongesalso called ‘rats’. Much easier than just using bobby pins & setting lotion, I swear!

In this video you’ll learn how to make victory rolls in 5 minutes — and you’ll be hooked, wanting to wear them everyday just for the ease of creating such pretty hair.

Come for the Victory Rolls — but stay for the Bettie Page Bangs “how to” in this video too!

(Hair sponges and rats can be difficult to search for online; start with the links I gave you above and then click about for related options — and remember, you’ll be cutting the sponges in half for victory rolls!)