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Desperately Seeking Susan Boots

By , 19 October, 2014, No Comment

Whether you’ve gone back to fashion school with me or not, you likely know that finding those black boots from 1985’s Desperately Seeking Susan is a tough task. Not now! Well, at least not if you are a size 6. You can buy them here!

80s desperately seeking susan movie boots booties

The Red Shoes

By , 14 December, 2011, No Comment

One of the things about no longer being a paid columnist and being an independent fashion blogger is that you no longer have the discipline of writing on a schedule. That, folks, explains the irregular frequency of blogging.  Feast and then famine — and today’s a feast. *wink*

Apparently I also lack discipline in other areas — like shoes. Finding vintage shoes may be difficult, but finding just the right pair of shoes to go with my vintage pieces is too much fun! Especially when I find shoe sales online!

One Day Shoe Sale At Macy's!

So I’m twirling away a day off, shopping for shoes online… Hey, I’m saving money! Not only with the sale, but by making sure I can — and will — wear all the outfits in my closet! *wink*

Giani Bernini Shoes, Marcela Comfort Flats, In Red

You’d think, as many times as I’ve watched it, I’d have learned something from The Red Shoes (1948):

Boris Lermontov: “The Ballet of The Red Shoes” is from a fairy tale by Hans Andersen. It is the story of a young girl who is devoured with an ambition to attend a dance in a pair of Red Shoes. She gets the shoes and goes to the dance. For a time, all goes well and she is very happy. At the end of the evening she is tired and wants to go home, but the Red Shoes are not tired. In fact, the Red Shoes are never tired. They dance her out into the street, they dance her over the mountains and valleys, through fields and forests, through night and day. Time rushes by, love rushes by, life rushes by, but the Red Shoes go on.

Julian Craster: What happens in the end?

Boris Lermontov: Oh, in the end, she dies.

Win Designer Shoes Or Handbag

By , 20 September, 2011, No Comment

This week, you can win your choice of a designer bag or shoes in Shop It To Me’s contest!

To enter:

Step One: Join, if you haven’t already.

Step Two: Tell your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. using the link here.

(Get an extra entry for tweeting too!)

Shop It To Me Designer Contest

Sabrina-esque Pumps

By , 22 February, 2011, No Comment

Certainly Christian Louboutin was inspired by Givenchy — these black lace peep-toe pumps could have been from the set of Sabrina!

Bouquet Plaatforms

Hepburn In Sabrina

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid Is Moving!

By , 5 May, 2010, No Comment

Please, please, please come visit me at the new site: heres-looking-like-you-kid.com!

Footwear Friday

By , 2 April, 2010, 2 Comments

Some fabulous vintage footwear for you.

Turquoise is the color for Spring, so why not look ultra up-to-date with these vintage turquoise mules from the 1950s? The silver details (studs and trim) and grey rhinestones make these classic vintage heels!

Vintage 1950's Turquoise Heels

Vintage 1950's Turquoise Heels

If you’re more delighted by Spring’s traditional pastels, look at these lovely clear Lucite mules with painted pastel flowers!

Vintage Painted Floral Mules

Vintage Painted Floral Mules

Pastel Flowers Painted On Clear Lucite Springolator Heels

Pastel Flowers Painted On Clear Lucite Springolator Heels

I’m often surprised by the magnificent colors in women’s shoes from the 1940s — all that black and white film viewing distorts a reality of colorful shoes!

Like the vibrant green snakeskin of these peep-toe platform heels from the 1940s.

Women's 1940's Green Snakeskin Peep-Toe Shoes

Women's 1940's Green Snakeskin Peep-Toe Shoes

These shoes from the 1930s or 40s era are painted silk — an Art Deco geometric design of olive triangles, green, red and white circles on black silk. But that’s not all!

Geometric Designs Painted On Silk Peeptoe Shoes

Geometric Designs Painted On Silk Peeptoe Shoes

There’s even geometric stitched designs on the gold leather (which matches the ankle straps) at the top center of the vamp, right before the at the peeptoes.

Fabulous Art Deco Vintage Women's Shoes

Fabulous Art Deco Vintage Women's Shoes

Also, don’t forget to check out The History of Ferragamo Shoes. The post covers not just the history, but why vintage fashion lovers covet shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Vintage Shoes (And Other Vintage Fashions & Accessories)

By , 17 March, 2010, 4 Comments

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and this thrifty fashion lovin’ girl’s concern for her budget along with the planet, I present this, my “ultimate green post.”

As reported at Things Your Grandmother Knew, eBay’s latest ad campaign includes promoting the eBay Green Team by pointing out how environmentally kind and ethical wearing previously owned clothing is: The greenest product is the one that already exists. And that certainly includes vintage fashions and accessories!

In the ad in the April issue of Marie Claire, eBay shares the following facts:

Choosing new-to-you leather shoes saves more energy than an average household uses in a day.

Buying a pre-loved silk dress saves 95% of the CO2 needed to make a new one.

Choosing a previously owned leather clutch saves as much energy as not watching TV for 3 days straight.

"The Greenest Product" eBay Ad

"The Greenest Product" eBay Ad

The facts may be new, but the principal probably isn’t news to vintage fashion lovers. The question is, do you think this will change buying habits?

Blue Suede Coffee?

By , 12 March, 2010, No Comment

Foxy, brown Coffy Pam Grier in blue suede is a shopping inspiration.

Pam Grier Wearing Blue Suede

Pam Grier Wearing Blue Suede

Get the look with this blue sueded velour dress by Malouf of Dallas from the 70’s.

REtro Faux Suede Velour Dress By Malouf Of Dallas

REtro Faux Suede Velour Dress By Malouf Of Dallas

Stunning 1970’s blue suede jacket with shearling collar and cuffs.

Vintage Blue Suede Jacket With Shearling Trim

Vintage Blue Suede Jacket With Shearling Trim

Retro riviteded blue suede go-go boots with star power!

Vintage Blue Suede Go-Go Boots With Riveted Stars

Vintage Blue Suede Go-Go Boots With Riveted Stars

Save Your Shoes From Salt This Winter (And Beyond)

By , 23 November, 2009, No Comment

Few things are worse for footwear than the salt — those white salt marks aren’t only ugly, they eat the leather away, drying it, cracking it, and damaging it. But it’s not only the salt put down to de-ice winter sidewalks and roadways that’s the problem. Rex Streno, owner of Ullrich’s Shoe Repair, explains:

Salt doesn’t come from the road. Salt comes from the leather itself. The leather is tanned with salt. When it gets soaking wet, the salt rises to the top of the shoe. That’s how you get the salt stains. The salt is in the lining, and it’s in the leather.

(In that article, Streno gives general tips for shoe care and repair — but again I remind you to please consult a shoe repair person experienced in vintage shoes before you agree to any services.)

Because tanning methods, ancient and modern, used salt, it’s likely your vintage leather shoes were tanned with salt. And ‘weather’ or not you fear winter’s salt or the salt already in your shoes which will be brought out from snow (or rain) — or if your town uses sand for traction rather than salt to melt away ice, your vintage shoes and boots are also at risk as sand grinds it’s way into soles, seams, and uppers — it is time to think about how to protect your shoes.

The best way to protect your footwear is to not wear it outside and tempt the fates and weather systems. Slip off those vintage darlings and slip your feet into some cold weather boots. Not only will you avoid salt damages to your shoes and keep your tootsies warm, but you’ll avoid slipping on wet and/or icy pavement, which puts your safety at risk and increases the potential to damage vintage shoes with scuffs, tears, broken heels, etc.

I know we fashionistas tend to resist real cold weather boots (I myself bought only fancy leather boots with heels for years), but the best way to save our pretty babies is to wear those less than fancy boots.  And since modern made boots can be more properly prepared to brave the elements, restored or even replaced when problems occur, it only makes sense to wear them not only in bad weather but in seasons where bad weather is more likely — or just left around on the ground, ready to trip you up.

The good news is that, via A Tad Too Much Tan For Taupe, I discovered a contest that’s giving away a free pair of Whooga ugg boots every month– enter to win here!

Maybe you can save your vintage shoes for free — and save some money to invest in more vintage shoes *wink*

Get A Pair Like Jayne Mansfield

By , 27 October, 2009, No Comment

Everyone wants a pair like Jayne’s — a pair of her Lucite heeled shoes, that is!

Jayne Mansfield Wearing Lucite Shoes

Jayne Mansfield Wearing Lucite Shoes

Clear Lucite shoes go with nearly anything — and when laden with rhinestones and embellished with carvings, they’re perfect for the holiday season!

This vintage pair of Springolators has acrylic vamps with a double row of rhinestones, rhinestone-studded heels (with original metal cap heels), and foiled under soles for a mirror-like affect.

Rhinestone Embellished Springolator Mules With Lucite Heels

Rhinestone Embellished Springolator Mules With Lucite Heels

Another pair of embellished vintage Lucite-heeled Springolators, these acrylic vamps have sparkling clear faceted beads and etched heels with original metal heel caps.

Vintage Lucite Heeled Springolators With Baubles On Vamp

Vintage Lucite Heeled Springolators With Baubles On Vamp

These vintage slingbacks are by Qualicraft and they feature both vamps and heels embellished with a stylistic floral motif.

Vintage Clear Acrylic Qualicraft Slingbacks With Carved Lucite Heels

Vintage Clear Acrylic Qualicraft Slingbacks With Carved Lucite Heels