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First June Vintage Roadshow

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Things Your Grandmother Knew has tips on darning stockings.

The Bobbypin Blog shows us how to get a fingerwave look like Keira Knightley.

Kitsch-Slapped shares vintage party games.

Glamoursplash has a customer win a prize in a vintage beach bathing beauty contest.

Debutante Clothing introduces Vintage Style Muse Helsinki Pinup, Freelancer’s Fashionblog.

Couture Allure shows how to stretch your wardrobe with a vintage sheath dress.

War & Makeup, 1941

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In Volume 10, Number 5, 1941 issue of Modern Woman Magazine, Max Factor discusses the shortage of makeup, cosmetics and beauty products due to the war:

War & Makeup, 1941

War & Makeup, 1941

For more vintage news, check out the Vintage Roadshow participants!

Things Your Grandmother Knew has FREE vintage slipper & scuff crochet patterns.

Kitsch-Slapped reviews Cinderella Nurse, a novel from the 1960s.

Glamoursplash takes note of Claire’s McCardellisms.

Couture Allure looks at vintage swimsuits from Tina Leser, Givenchy, and Polly Hornburg.

A Slip Of A Girl with vintage tips for laundering vintage girdles.

Anna May Wong & I Helping You Be Fab-U-Lush

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Anna Mayb Wong, 1939

Anna May Wong, 1939

Anna May Wong is here to help me announce the winners of my Get Fab-U-Lush Eyelashes Contest — and what a load of fab-u-lush lashes she had!

Without further ado, the winners are…

Mrs. Mommy
Jackie Lauren
Rachel Robertson

Congrats to you all — and many thanks to all of you who entered!

While I have your attention… Let’s take a look at this week’s Vintage Roadshow — there are many new members this week!

Debutante Clothing shares interiors based on Cecil Beaton’s 1950s fashion sketches.

Glamoursplash provides a roundup of vintage swimwear resources.

Holly Gab brings an aura of intrigue and mystery to this vintage ’70s country club dress.

Kitsch-Slapped defends internet sellers and historians from an attack in Antique Week.

The Bobbypin Blog tells us how makeup effected minorities in early cinema.

The Vintage Traveler introduces her article on vintage golf clothing.

Things Your Grandmother Knew shares vintage tips on how to care for your books.

Hot On The Vintage Roadshow Trail

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Glamoursplash gives a brief history of 1950’s swim cap glamour.

Debutante Clothing features a review and images of the private curator led tour of the Valentina exhibit in NYC.

Couture Allure looks at shoes from 1949 and readers share where to find modern reproductions.

A Slip of a Girl dishes about Vanity Fair lingerie’s 90th anniversary.

And many thanks to Kitsch-Slapped for including me in the premier edition of the New Vintage Reviews Carnival!

All Sorts Of Goodies — So Here’s Linking To You, Kid!

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This week on the Vintage Roadshow…

Vintage Summer White Fashions

Vintage Summer White Fashions

Couture Allure shows how to wear summer whites with dresses from 1960 as inspiration. (That’s where the image is from!)

Debutante Clothing goes vintage shopping in her own closet.

Glamoursplash looks at swimsuits used for all kinds of advertising.

(And I give you 40 lashes — 1940’s eyelashes, that is!)

Speaking of me…

I recently made an edition of the Carnival of The Vanities..

I was also honored to have three of my posts make the cut for the latest edition of the Fabulous! Festival — including Rolled Stockings, Bees Knees, And All That Jazz being selected as one of the Top Three Posts! Even more remarkable, here’s what host had to say about my post:

One of the best explanations of historical fashion I’ve seen on the internet. A really interesting look at women’s fashion in the early half of the twentieth century. Very impressive!

I won’t need to rouge my knees — or anything else — I’m blushing everywhere as it is! Thanks, Barry!

More about me — and you too!

I’ll be hosting the next edition of The Fabulous! Festival (on May 18th). Please use carnival submission form to submit something you wrote — or read — about fashion that you think should be in next month’s carnival.

(More information, including past carnivals and future carnival hosts can be found on the blog carnival’s index page.)

Free & Fun

Free: Enter A Slip of a Girl’s “Shape You, Shape You Very Much!” Contesttwo lucky winners will each receive a beautiful bustier from ShapeMeBra.com — which Slip of a Girl “lustily reviewed” here.  (I’m in need of a white longline bra because summer is on its way!)

Fun: Just for fun, can you identify the young starlet in this photo? If so, post a comment below!

Guess Who!

Guess Who!

What’s New In Vintage? Vintage Roadshow (And Tell!)

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Another Vintage Roadshow, where you travel to near & far blogs to see what’s new in vintage:

Glamoursplash poses a quiz on starlets from the 1920’s & 1930’s, Who’s That Girl?

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid explains why there is so much peach, pink & ivory lingerie from the 1920’s & 1930’s.

The Vintage Traveler thinks about economizing.

Freudian Slips Vintage shares some sentimental vintage shoe finds.

Glamoursplash looks at the vintage Turban as seen in Vogue 1953.

Also, I’d like to thank Collectors’ Quest columnist Deanna (of Twolia’s own Kitsch Slapped) not only for including a link to me in her post on living with your collectibles, but for pointing me to “Purse Week” at Collectors’ Quest. (“Purse Week” was last week, I guess, but what a wonderful collection of vintage purses!) That’s where I found this lovely pink beaded 1960’s handbag.

Pretty Pink Beaded 1960s Purse

Pretty Pink Beaded 1960s Purse

Vintage Roadshow Goes Along Swimmingly

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Those of us at Vintage Roadshow have been a little lax in listing our posts, but here’s a quick round-up of those you might have missed:

Glamoursplash discusses swimsuit styles for every body. (Hey, the season’s almost here!)

Debutante Clothing shares some must read vintage fashion blogs. (Lots of new sites to check out!)

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid: When Pyjamas Weren’t The Cat’s Pajamas… Or Were They? (It’s my post, but in case you missed it…)

Glamoursplash uncovers a new grail: Joset Walker. (Swimsuits, cover-ups and other beach-wear — oh my!)

Because the post are so swimsuit oriented, I had to also include this fabulous vintage Catalina swimsuit of black illusion lace and black velvet:

Vintage Catalina Illusion Lace & Velvet Swimsuit

Vintage Catalina Illusion Lace & Velvet Swimsuit

It’s a carbon copy of Marilyn Monroe’s swimsuit! Just remove those straps and, Voila!

1951 Marilyn In Swimsuit Photo

1951 Marilyn In Swimsuit Photo

But Monroe similarity or no, the bestest thing about this vintage bathing suit is the combination of illusion lace and velvet. Illusion lace is generally seen only on lingerie and cocktail dresses, and even then, rarely with velvet.

I love the back of bathing suits like this — it leaves so much more to the imagination.

Marilyn Monroe Posing In Swimsuit

Marilyn Monroe Posing In Swimsuit

You can also buy a poster of Monroe wearing the swimsuit, with the sassy classic, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it,” quote.

Marilyn "Woman In A Man's World" Poster

Marilyn "Woman In A Man's World" Poster

Other images of Marilyn Monroe from the August 3, 1951 photo shoot via Corbis.

Here’s Linking To You, Kid #2

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Catching up on links related to the blog this week…

I wanted to first mention the wonderful advice & warning to collectors of film memorabilia regarding COAs, aka Certificates Of Authenticity:

Most COAs are not worth the paper they are printed on. Anyone with a pen and/or a printer (the printer isn’t even a requirement) can make a COA — and there are no laws, governing bodies or agencies which approve or regulate COAs. So I could make you a COA about this blog post — no matter how ridiculous the claims. (If you’d like one, let me know.)

COAs are not legal contracts; so no matter what the guarantee presented on the COA, good luck getting it carried out to any satisfaction. Should you even be able to get a legal hold on the seller, your case is as legally worth bupkiss. Even if you can prove the seller is guilty of selling more than $1,000 in fakes &/or forgeries, are involved in a successful class action suit, or, if you were duped on the Internet, get the FBI to assist you with a case of Internet Fraud, the most you’re going to get back for all your work is your purchase price. (If you’re just seeking your purchase price refunded, don’t ignore sales venue and method of payment avenues; there are often buyer protection programs available to you.)

I’m not saying you should ignore your rights and these avenues, but it’s best to avoid being duped in the first place.

Rule #1 Unless a certificate of authenticity originates from and is signed by the celebrity, author/artist (or in the case of limited editions, the publisher of the work), a confirmed dealer or agent (not a third party or reseller), or an acknowledged expert, that certificate is pretty much meaningless.

Read the rest of the article for more tips — save yourself money & heartache.

Now for this week’s Vintage Roadshow:

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid helps you plan a classic Hollywood Oscars party — complete with vintage party games!

Glamoursplash pays tribute to Lucille Ball.

The Vintage Traveler talks basketball, clothes, that is.

Freudian Slips Vintage looks at how to get the look of Anna Friel as Chuck in Pushing Daisies.

Debutante Clothing is thrilled with her new vintage Roger Van S bag.

Couture Allure shows how to dress up a vintage suit.

A few scattered other links worth noting:

Two Here’s Looking Like You, Kid posts made the latest edition of The Fabulous! Festival — so check it out!

And here’s my Lust Of The Week, Film Version: A lot of three pieces of ephemera from Hollywood in the late 60’s.

Retro Hollywood Ephemera

Retro Hollywood Ephemera

Here’s how the seller describes it all:

1) 4 page Hollywood Stars of Tomorrow Award 1968 – all pages shown below along with a number of the candidates on the ballot. Ballot creased in half and marked off.

2)Hollywood Stars of Tomorrow Awards program from January 27, 1968. This is the one with the gold cover in the first image below. 40 pages packed with photos, some shown below. Some small stains, ballot inside once again marked off, writing on inside back cover.

3) Showcase Who’s Who Volume 1 from Showcase Productions, Hollywood Hostess Division. 24 pages of “a complete catalog and directory of talented, interesting, intelligent and beautiful females who would be available to help business and industry to quickly choose the right girl … Hostesses and Guides for conventions, Assistants and interpreters for business meetings, receptionists for Seminars and Trade Shows…” Copyright 1969. No famous names here, but interesting Hollywood area ephemera. This has the black cover and is in pretty good shape.

I just love stuff like this! See the listing for more images! (And if you go shopping for more in the store, tell Cliff that Jaynie says, “Hello!” Cliff is my pal from Vintage Meld.)

Another Vintage Roadshow Featuring Fashion

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Glamoursplash looks at Claire McCardell Sportswear and Swimwear .

Freudian Slips Vintage is excited about the return of Pushing Daisies.

Debutante Clothing channels Joan Holloway in this 1950s cherry bombshell dress.

Couture Allure writes a letter to Blumarineabout body image in their advertising.

Dreamy 1950’s Red Vintage Fashions

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As promised, I’m celebrating National Wear Red Day — but first, another edition of Vintage Roadshow!

Couture Allure shows the changing shape of suits from the 1940’s to the 1970’s.

Freudian Slips Vintage has her home photographed for The Independent.

Glamoursplash covers Marilyn’s modeling career.

iKonic Vintage shoos away the cold with Pantone’s Spring 2009 Colors.

Now for the digital wearing of red…

How about this cute 1950s red velvet button-front top?

Vintage Red Velvet Top

Vintage Red Velvet Top

Now this vintage red ball gown by Scottish label Watt & Grant of Aberdeen is the kind that makes me squeal! The seller describes it wonderfully:

The tomato red sheer nylon has a sprigged white floral pattern scattered across it, in a slightly raised flocked print. The inner bodice is a red strapless boned satin bustier, creating a two tone/semi sheer effect as the floral nylon is layered over it. There is an incredible volume of fabric to the skirts, which have a red satiny lining and finally a stiffened calico underskirt for extra volume. The folded collar leads into two sheer printed panels that trail down the dress back.

1950s Red Ballgown With Flocked Floral Print

1950s Red Ballgown With Flocked Floral Print

Or maybe you’d rather have your own pair of ruby red slippers — complete with rhinestones? If you wear a size eight, the darling vintage sling-backs can be yours for just $25! (OMG, that’s too cheap!)

Ruby Red Satin Slingbacks

Ruby Red Satin Slingbacks

Anyone else thinking that if they can’t wear it today or on Valentine’s Day that they should be given it all as gifts for the holiday? I know that’s what I’m thinking!