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Vintage For Prom

By , 5 April, 2014, No Comment

All women want to look special and unique — especially when it comes to special occasions like prom. There’s no better way to achieve that special and unique look than with vintage.

You can look for a complete vintage formal look with vintage formal wear. This vintage Montgomery Ward formal dress with jacket appeals to me because it has plenty of that American Victorian Prairie that was so popular in the 1970s and early 1980s (typified by Gunne Sax).

1970's Light Blue Montgomery Ward Gunne Sax Style Formal Polyester Prom Dress

If you’ve found a prom dress you like, vintage or contemporary, a vintage bed jacket worn over it is a great way to make your prom ensemble unique. This one is very romantic with those large rose appliques — and it would be great over a vintage slip, for prom or any night out, really.

Vintage Van Raalte Myth Bed Jacket Pink With Pink Floral Rose Appliques

(More on vintage bed jackets here.)

Once you find the special dress, don’t forget to look for vintage jewelry!

Gina Lollobrigida As A Bride

By , 21 January, 2014, 3 Comments

Anyone know what movie this is from? I just love this!

Gina Lollobrigida Bridal

Contemporary Vintage Bridal Looks

By , 4 January, 2014, No Comment

Vintage style has been influencing the design of wedding dresses since, well,forever! In part this is due to a sense of nostalgia and tradition, but it also had to do with the forever-love of old movies. Thankfully, wedding dress designers know that vintage looks will always be coveted by brides and so vintage inspiration can be seen in contemporary wedding dresses. This means that regardless of your favorite era of film or fashion, you can find a modern-made dress for your special day.

There are many benefits to buying a modern-made, yet vintage-inspired, wedding dress. Contemporary dresses solve the usual problem of finding vintage in your size. And, yes, you’ll have less concerns with tailoring too. But one of the largest benefits of buying new rather than old is that you can get the look you want, but in a style that flatters you and your figure. For example, look at these beautiful wedding gowns which capture the look of that famous gown Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina:

Two-Tone-Strapless-Appliqued-Mermaid-Gown-with-Chapel-Train-and-Lace-Underlay-wedding dress




It’s like a new look at the New Look — or a new look in vintage bridal! Most importantly, while each wedding gown is reminiscent of that black and white New Look dress by Givenchy, each has its own unique take on the design — and each has its own way of flattering the bride’s body.

Of course, the way to really make your wedding gown your own and look different from another bride who bought her dress off the same rack (or purchased at the same online shop) is the same way to make any dress or ensemble your own — with accessories! Wedding gloves and wedding veils make a big difference in the total look of the bride. More than jewelry or shoes, gloves, veils, hats, etc. are the accessories which are most visible in your wedding day photos.

Here are some inspirational brides from vintage films, featuring unforgettable veils and gloves:

high society 1956 grace kelly wedding dress

Liz Taylor Father of the Bride

funny face audrey hepburn wedding dress bridal veil

Lessons Of Love In Weddings

By , 15 December, 2011, No Comment

In 1953, Marilyn Monroe was getting married — on screen — a lot. First in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and then in How To Marry a Millionaire. While the films played around with the ideas of gold digging women trying to marry men for money, both films centered on the notion that the best laid schemes of mice and men women are often run asunder by true love.

In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn delivers the punch about men and women to a disapproving father who doesn’t want his son trapped by a gold digger. As Lorelei Lee, Marilyn says, “Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my goodness, doesn’t it help?”

Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe At The Alter

But in How To Marry a Millionaire, it’s Lauren Bacall’s character who is taught about love.

As Schatze Page, Bacall and Cameron Mitchell (playing the role of Tom Brookman) share an attraction. But it’s an attraction Schatze doesn’t want. She knows from prior marital experience that marrying a “gas pump jockey” for love isn’t a good investment. By the end of the film, Schatze just can’t go through with her wedding to the older wealthy man — she loves Tom!

Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable & Marilyn Monroe At The Alter

But the trick is on her, as Tom is uber wealthy — wealthier than the older man she left at the alter. This Schatze and her friends discover when they are eating at a diner and Tom pays the bill.

I’m guessing most of you know these films; they are not only classic, but wildly popular and shown on TV quite often. The main reason I write about these films is that a friend of mine is getting married and we’ve been talking wedding preparations. (Rather non-stop, actually; such is the way it goes with an engaged friend lol) During a recent discussion about wedding invitations, the subject of vintage wedding invites came up. When I showed her these invites with the classic cans tied to a car motif…

Vintage Styled Wedding Invites

I swear, she looked just like the cast of How To Marry A Millionaire making their discovery at the dinner!

Shock At The Dinner

In a good way, I assure you! Such instant shock and delight!

(…Though we aren’t sure if they will pass with the Mother of The Groom yet. *sigh*  Weddings are a lot of work!  Neither of these films covered those issues. *wink*)

PS Weren’t sheer floral lace wedding dresses popular in 1953!

Bacall's Sheer Lace Wedding Dress

Sometimes You Just Can’t Get That Authentic Vintage Look

By , 3 November, 2011, 1 Comment

Sometimes you just can’t replicate the look — not on my budget, anyway. Exhibit A: Peggy Hopkins Joyce.

Peggy Hopkins Joyce

On the back of the vintage photo, the reasons why most of us can’t get this look: “Peggy Hopkins Joyce, star of Earl Carroll’s Vanities of 1923 wearing a $6,000 gown of rhinestones and chinchilla and her million and a half dollars in jewels”.

Description Of Fashions

The seller offers this history on Joyce:

Famous mainly for being famous — and for marrying and divorcing (or merely dating) a dizzying array of millionaires — blonde-bobbed Peggy Hopkins Joyce (born Marguerite Upton) had been in the Follies and Earl Carroll’s Vanities when the famous illustrator James Montgomery Flagg directed her in a series of short subjects in the 1910s. She would descend on Hollywood at intervals in the 1910s, 1920s, and early ’30s but managed mainly to prove that she was no actress. Her most notorious film appearance was also her last, playing an internationally famous gold digger in International House (1933), a hodgepodge Paramount comedy in which she earned top billing over the likes of George Burns, Gracie Allen, and W. C. Fields. The latter supplied the film’s biggest laugh and most notorious moment in a scene that has to be seen to be believed, but which included the suggestive discussion of the whereabouts of a cat. Her life an endless series of tabloid headlines, Peggy Hopkins Joyce is believed to have been the inspiration for the character of the mercenary Lorelei Lee in Anita Loos’ twice-filmed Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. One of her contemporaries perhaps best summed up her appeal; said nightclub hostess Texas Guinan: “Peggy Hopkins Joyce should not be buried like other folks, or cremated, or anything like that, but just be put into Tiffany’s window to sparkle forever.” ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Take The Asymmetrical Sweetheart Plunge

By , 25 August, 2011, No Comment

If this vintage beauty doesn’t get your heat a-racin’, I wonder just what will…

1950's Mary Louise Early Custom-Couture Cleverland Label

This Week’s OMG Fashion Pick

By , 12 March, 2010, No Comment

This mod mini in grey wool is everything to love about the 60’s and yet completely wearable today. The only bad thing about it (aside from the normal problems of finding vintage in your size) is that it’s likely to be a workplace distraction — heck, this dress is so fab, it will garner attention wherever you wear it!

Retro Grey Wool Mini-Dress

Retro Grey Wool Mini-Dress

Blue Suede Coffee?

By , 12 March, 2010, No Comment

Foxy, brown Coffy Pam Grier in blue suede is a shopping inspiration.

Pam Grier Wearing Blue Suede

Pam Grier Wearing Blue Suede

Get the look with this blue sueded velour dress by Malouf of Dallas from the 70’s.

REtro Faux Suede Velour Dress By Malouf Of Dallas

REtro Faux Suede Velour Dress By Malouf Of Dallas

Stunning 1970’s blue suede jacket with shearling collar and cuffs.

Vintage Blue Suede Jacket With Shearling Trim

Vintage Blue Suede Jacket With Shearling Trim

Retro riviteded blue suede go-go boots with star power!

Vintage Blue Suede Go-Go Boots With Riveted Stars

Vintage Blue Suede Go-Go Boots With Riveted Stars

A Dress To Match Liz Taylor’s Eyes

By , 12 January, 2010, 3 Comments

This vintage dress by Ida Mea of Chicago is a lot like the legendary eyes of Elizabeth Taylor: absolutely stunning in both shape and color. Created by layers of periwinkle chiffon over a pinked lavender shade of what I believe looks like a taffeta, note the incredible way the chiffon not only drapes, but is ruched and folded to create lines as well as depth. But the beauty doesn’t stop there — there’s ivory lace at the bodice, a shelf bust, and boning too.

Elegant Vintage Dress With Chiffon Overlay

Elegant Vintage Dress With Chiffon Overlay

Ida Mae Tag Inside Vintage Dress

Ida Mae Tag Inside Vintage Dress

Art Deco-rate Yourself In Black Velvet Dresses For Holiday

By , 13 December, 2009, No Comment

The only thing better than black velvet is vintage black velvet!

Norma Shearer: Black Velvet Glamour

Norma Shearer: Black Velvet Glamour

To be as stunning as Norma Shearer, check out these current auctions on eBay:

This incredible vintage black velvet two-piece walking suit from the 20’s or 30’s is loaded with so many great features I may just pass out! (Click the link or the photos below to see all the glamorous details!)

Vintage Black Velvet Walking Suit

Vintage Black Velvet Walking Suit

Back Of Vintage Velvet Walking Suit With Tasseled Scarf

Back Of Vintage Velvet Walking Suit With Tasseled Scarf

This vintage black velvet bias cut evening gown may seem austere at first glance, but notice the body-hugging silhouette and rich details which make it anything but puritanical — and then there’s the plunging back with T-Strap, loaded with silver and white beading and red rhinestones in a dramatic Art Deco design. Talk about leaving a lasting impression!

Vintage Black Velvet Evening GownWith Exquisite Art Deco T-Strap On The Back

Vintage Black Velvet Evening Gown With Exquisite Art Deco T-Strap On The Back

PS Don’t forget to enter my home spa skin care and “teddy bare” lingerie contests! (I wish I could enter!)