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Gina Lollobrigida As A Bride

By , 21 January, 2014, 3 Comments

Anyone know what movie this is from? I just love this!

Gina Lollobrigida Bridal

Elmer Gantry: A Reason To Get Up In The Morning

By , 31 January, 2012, No Comment

I just discovered that one of my favorite films, Elmer Gantry (1960), will be on TCM today, Tuesday, January 31, 6:00 AM (ET). I’m going to be up to watch it because I haven’t yet purchased the DVD.

Starring Jean Simmons and Burt Lancaster (who won an Oscar for his role as Elmer Gantry), this is a powerful film about faith and fanaticism, foibles and fairness — but above all, it’s character-driven story about human character. It’s the best combination of issues to chew on and characters to consider, long after the film is over.

I love those sorts of stories.

Shirley Jones Seducing Burt Lancaster

In terms of fashion, the spotlight is on Shirley Jones (who also won an Oscar for her role of Lulu Bains) in classic lingerie, most notably visible in the scene in which Lulu attempts to seduce and shame Elmer. (Click the link to watch!)

What may have begun as the vengeful opportunistic act of a lover scorned (deflowered and left to prostitution) is quickly shown to be more complicated, exposing more than unfinished business but unrequited feelings between the two.

It’s brilliant stuff, really. Not what many may expect from the Shirley Jones they remember from The Partridge Family or know from musicals (although I cry every time I see Carousel).

But if you watch Elmer Gantry, this is precisely the sort of thing you learn to refrain from. For Jones’ performance as Lulu (as layered as anyone else’s in the movie), should teach you to look beneath the surface, what you think you know. The perceptions of “who and what Shirley Jones is” that the viewer brings to this classic film is, in this case, a layer of experience that only adds to this film.

Stockings 101

By , 18 November, 2008, 1 Comment

Of hosiery The Bombshell Manual Of Style says:

It’s no stockings and a naked leg or a garter belt and stockings. These may be silk or nylon, seamed or not. Climate has nothing to do with the Bombshell’s decision to wear stockings or go without them.

Dream stockings are not made of silk, but of nylon. (True vintage glamour girls know this and it’s a glaring sign of ignorance or down-right posing — but not pin-up posing — when they do not.) Ever since nylon stockings were created, they’ve shown-up silk for many reasons, the best of which is their fit: nylon does not ‘pool’ and bag as easily as silk hosiery.

Lily Damita's Stocking Covered Legs

Lily Damita

The best nylon stockings are fully-fashioned. This is not an arbitrary name like ‘best’ or ‘improved’ to flatter a product; fully-fashioned stockings are knit on 3D machines — shaped to fit a lady’s leg. Unfortunately, fully-fashioned stockings are not made in plus sizes for this reason.

Denier is a term to denote size or number of filaments in hosiery, like thread count for sheets. The higher the denier, the more sturdy & opaque the hose; the smaller denier, the more sheer the hose.

RHT is an abbreviation for reinforced heel and toe. Not only practical, there are sexy styles involved — such as the sexy pointed French heel which sure draws the eye to that sexy back-seam.

The welt of the stocking is the top where the garters are attached. Typically this is where the stocking brand, style, color lot, etc. information is printed. Many stockings, especially vintage stockings, also have welts with exquisite detailing.

Vintage Jacques Fath Ad With Pretty Stocking Welt

Vintage Jacques Fath Ad With Pretty Stocking Welt

Once again, sizing may be an issue when shopping for vintage stockings and it’s advised that you begin by measuring your legs. There’s an excellent guide for both measuring your legs and deciphering stocking sizes at eBay — it’s written by Steve of Stocking Showcase, who is as much a fan as an expert. Follow his advice, and you can’t go wrong.

If you’re not sure how to properly & safely put on stockings, you can — and should — read A Slip of a Girl’s Ultimate Guide To Putting On Hose.