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Vintage For Prom

By , 5 April, 2014, No Comment

All women want to look special and unique — especially when it comes to special occasions like prom. There’s no better way to achieve that special and unique look than with vintage.

You can look for a complete vintage formal look with vintage formal wear. This vintage Montgomery Ward formal dress with jacket appeals to me because it has plenty of that American Victorian Prairie that was so popular in the 1970s and early 1980s (typified by Gunne Sax).

1970's Light Blue Montgomery Ward Gunne Sax Style Formal Polyester Prom Dress

If you’ve found a prom dress you like, vintage or contemporary, a vintage bed jacket worn over it is a great way to make your prom ensemble unique. This one is very romantic with those large rose appliques — and it would be great over a vintage slip, for prom or any night out, really.

Vintage Van Raalte Myth Bed Jacket Pink With Pink Floral Rose Appliques

(More on vintage bed jackets here.)

Once you find the special dress, don’t forget to look for vintage jewelry!

Elmer Gantry: A Reason To Get Up In The Morning

By , 31 January, 2012, No Comment

I just discovered that one of my favorite films, Elmer Gantry (1960), will be on TCM today, Tuesday, January 31, 6:00 AM (ET). I’m going to be up to watch it because I haven’t yet purchased the DVD.

Starring Jean Simmons and Burt Lancaster (who won an Oscar for his role as Elmer Gantry), this is a powerful film about faith and fanaticism, foibles and fairness — but above all, it’s character-driven story about human character. It’s the best combination of issues to chew on and characters to consider, long after the film is over.

I love those sorts of stories.

Shirley Jones Seducing Burt Lancaster

In terms of fashion, the spotlight is on Shirley Jones (who also won an Oscar for her role of Lulu Bains) in classic lingerie, most notably visible in the scene in which Lulu attempts to seduce and shame Elmer. (Click the link to watch!)

What may have begun as the vengeful opportunistic act of a lover scorned (deflowered and left to prostitution) is quickly shown to be more complicated, exposing more than unfinished business but unrequited feelings between the two.

It’s brilliant stuff, really. Not what many may expect from the Shirley Jones they remember from The Partridge Family or know from musicals (although I cry every time I see Carousel).

But if you watch Elmer Gantry, this is precisely the sort of thing you learn to refrain from. For Jones’ performance as Lulu (as layered as anyone else’s in the movie), should teach you to look beneath the surface, what you think you know. The perceptions of “who and what Shirley Jones is” that the viewer brings to this classic film is, in this case, a layer of experience that only adds to this film.

Lombard: Twentieth Century Fox

By , 21 November, 2011, 1 Comment

A simple — but heavily image laden — review of Twentieth Century (1934); Carole Lombard at her comedic and lingerie-wearing best. First in a bra and step-ins aka tap pants, then in the classic 1930s glamour gown.

Carole Lombard In Bra & Tap Pants

Carole Lombard 1930s Glamour

Why You Might Find Yourself With Visible Panty Lines

By , 11 September, 2011, No Comment

At A Slip Of A Girl, an incredible tutorial on how to avoid visible panty lines — which includes basics about clothing construction and fit over the decades.

When You Want Seams On Your Stockings, Not Your Behind

Poolside Peignoir

By , 1 April, 2010, 1 Comment

The lovely Esther Williams wearing a sheer, dreamy peignoir as a swimsuit cover-up at the pool — the outdoor pool. This sure beats terrycloth! So why not bring this beautiful vintage idea back?

Esther Williams, Poolside In A Peignoir

Esther Williams, Poolside In A Peignoir

Getting A Bang Out Of Dorothy Sebastian

By , 26 March, 2010, No Comment

I must watch too many film noirs and assorted crime dramas, because I swore there was a gun in her hand!

Dorothy Sebastian

Dorothy Sebastian

I bet many folks don’t even see Dorothy Sebastian‘s hand; they get lost in admiring her — and her lingerie. So, gun or no gun, we get a bang out of Sebastian. *wink*

Photo via an auction for Dorothy Sebastian negative by Ruth Harriet Louise.

Tips For Preserving The Fit Of New Look Foundation Garments

By , 25 February, 2010, No Comment

Deanna sent me this scan from a vintage (circa 1945) issue of Modern Woman magazine which has tips for preserving the fit of New Look foundation garments. Such care likely serves the collector and/or wearer of vintage lingerie pieces as well as the fashions which are worn over them.

Tips To Preserve "New Look" Foundation Garments

Tips To Preserve "New Look" Foundation Garments

Personally, I never ever would have thought of hanging my vintage girdles to dry by the garters — I’m eager to try it and see if and how it might affect things.

High Five Friday: Vintage Film & Fashion Fun

By , 15 January, 2010, No Comment

I’m Dreaming Of A Rhinestone Christmas

By , 16 December, 2009, No Comment

What could be more impossibly impractical — and therefore more glamorous — than an incredible nightgown with rhinestones?!

Vintage Vanity Fair Nightgown With Rhinestones

Vintage Vanity Fair Nightgown With Rhinestones

I’d say that question was rhetorical… But since this beauty isn’t a stand alone piece (it may be a one of a kind now, due to age, but it wasn’t always so), there are additional goodies in the collection.

The gold embroidered label or tag tells you that this piece is from the Vanity Fair Conversation Pieces collection, circa mid-1950s — but you don’t really need that tag to tell you that, do you?

Gold Embroidered Vanity Fair Label

Gold Embroidered Vanity Fair Label

Vanity Fair’s elaborate and impractical lingerie creations, featuring rhinestones and gold lame, certainly tell you these are lingerie pieces one talked about — and probably showed off too. Not only bringing such fabulous lingerie pieces out of the shopping bag to show friends while the ladies lunched, but maybe by wearing it while entertaining and playing hostess too. Oh, the days when you didn’t fear unexpected company, but glamorously dressed-up for it, lounging about all dolled-up, hoping for it…

Vanity Fair Black & Gold Lame Nightgown From Conversaion Pieces Collection

Vanity Fair Black & Gold Lame Nightgown From Conversaion Pieces Collection

Christmas Red Lingerie That’s Suitable For Hostess Wear

By , 14 December, 2009, 1 Comment

One of the things I love most about vintage movies is all the entertaining ladies did while wearing what we’d call lingerie. Even while the Hollywood Code was in effect, it was just fine for a lady to entertain guests while wearing pajamas or nightgown — so long as she wore a peignoir or a dressing gown over her negligee. While many of us would not be so bold today, we can — and should — wear fine and festive lingerie around our families, right?

For starters, how about this stunning two-piece vintage Alfred Shaheen hostess set in red satin? Asian-inspired styling includes a mandarin collar, deep side vents, 3/4 length sleeves and high-waist pants — all to leave you sitting pretty!

Vintage Alfred Shaheen Red Satin Hostess Set

Vintage Alfred Shaheen Red Satin Hostess Set

When it comes to vintage nightgowns, one of my favorite brans is Olga. There’s just something about the sensual fit of a snug nylon Olga bodice that sets my heart to thumping… Hubby’s too. *wink* But this vintage Princess style nylon Olga gown is modest — and stunning — enough to wear in front of family.

Vintage Red Olga Nightgown

Vintage Red Olga Nightgown

This vintage Olga backless-style ballet-length nightgown has a matching shorty robe, which gives it a 40s-style peplum look.

1950s Olga Peignoir Set With Short Robe

1950s Olga Peignoir Set With Short Robe

Add some glamorous slippers, and you’re all set with these vintage hostess lounge-wear fashions!

PS Don’t forget to enter my home spa and “teddy bare” lingerie contests!