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Getting A Bang Out Of Dorothy Sebastian

By , 26 March, 2010, No Comment

I must watch too many film noirs and assorted crime dramas, because I swore there was a gun in her hand!

Dorothy Sebastian

Dorothy Sebastian

I bet many folks don’t even see Dorothy Sebastian‘s hand; they get lost in admiring her — and her lingerie. So, gun or no gun, we get a bang out of Sebastian. *wink*

Photo via an auction for Dorothy Sebastian negative by Ruth Harriet Louise.

I Got An Award, So It’s Here’s Linking To You, Kid Time!

By , 9 September, 2009, No Comment
Kreative Blogger Award

Kreative Blogger Award

Fuzzylizzie of Fuzzylizzie Vintage Clothing just gave me an award!

I believe I’m now supposed to select Seven Exceptional Blogs & tell you Seven Things I Love… But what I think I’ll do (and I don’t think it’s cheating!), is select the seven blogs and, for the “things I love” part, show you a specific post that illustrates why I love the blog I’ve named.

(You’ll likely also notice that there is some overlap between my list and Fuzzylizzy’s… I do believe that blog award rules, like fashion rules were meant to be broken — or at least altered to fit one’s needs *wink*)

Lulu’s Vintage: A great vintage fashion blog you probably already know about — and have been wondering why it’s been absent from my sidebar. All I can say in my defense is that sometimes my intentions are thwarted by my own actions; in this case, too busy reading & shopping to get myself over here and make a link. Shame on me? Yes, but it’s kind of Lulu’s fault for showing me such grand stuff! Like Lulu’s Vintage Awards.

Speaking of Lulu’s awards, this next blog/blogger continually wins them: Couture Allure. Sure her finds are stunning, but no matter what your life style, how little is in your piggy bank, you can dream and learn with lovely long posts that show you pretty photos and fill you with fashion facts.

Bobbins and Bombshells is a blog that found me — well, the blogger found this blog and posted a comment (Yup, that really works!) and ever since, I’ve been smitten with this vintage inspired creative kitten. It’s one part vintage fashion adoration, one part DIY, and one part newsy dish. (The blog is now on the sidebar.)

Tales From A Vintage Wardrobe (you might know it as The Red Velvet Shoe, but that’s really the owner’s vintage shop’s name) is another new discovery for me that’s so good, I’m adding it to my sidebar. The Romper Room post typifies what I’m lovin’ about this blog: lots of photos, things to think about — and she’s brave enough to model for photos she uses at the blog!

Kitsch Slapped: Not always about fashion, not always glamorous, not even always vintage — but totally worth a daily visit. If you love vintge & retro stuff, pop culture, and some occasional (feminist) ranting, you’ll love to be kitsch-slapped! I won’t even tell you what this Kitsch Slapped post is about — one should just be surprised with what they discover at Kitsch Slapped. *wink*

Jersey Girl (of Dandelion Vintage) is another blog that’s not always about vintage fashion — it’s more of a vintage lifestyle blog. But that isn’t a slight (it’s on the list, isn’t it?) because sometimes I just go there to get in the mood… The days I do, my pocketbook usually suffers for it, because I’ll be dreaming & twirling in my head & then need to find just the right skirt or accessory… Just like she does. *wink*

Speaking of getting in the mood… If you’re looking for ideas for films (which may put you in the mood for fashions), check out Vintage Meld — Cliff will show you a good time. Mainly ‘the meld’ is all about collecting Hollywood memorabilia, old magazines & other ephemera, but he does offer film reviews and information about films & stars of the past — including the occasional field trip, like to the Ava Gardner Museum!

One last bit of business before you go off & visit all the award winners… Please check your readers, bookmarks & blog sidebars to make sure you are linking to Here’s Looking Like You, Kid correctly. Many of you are still using the old URL and that doesn’t work anymore! Be sure you’ve got the proper one: http://heres-looking-like-you-kid.com/ Thanks!

Rich In Stripes

By , 10 August, 2009, No Comment
Irene Rich, 1937

Irene Rich, 1937

When I spotted this vintage photograph of Irene Rich I thought two things — film & fashion. (What else?! lol)

My first thought was the film thought — and the usual thought I have regarding Irene Rich: How ironic that when the talkies came in and (despite her fine voice) the film studios lost interest in her, Rich rebounded with a lovely career in radio.

And my next thought was about fashion: Look how lovely all those small stripes are!

In the 1980’s there were lots of jersey ensembles; pants, “unstructured jackets,” and pants — including wide loose fitting pants like these. Perhaps, with this current 80’s revival, I can hope from someone to put an ensemble like this into production.

Listen To Busby Berkeley?!

By , 16 July, 2009, No Comment

If this isn’t the strangest, most ironic record album…

Hooray For Hollywood, The Golden-Age of the Hollywood Musical Companion Volume, “Musical Numbers Created And Directed By Busby Berkeley.”

Hooray For Hollywood Album Cover

Hooray For Hollywood Album Cover

A Busby Berkeley billed musical recording? Of course I snapped up the retro vinyl — but Berekely’s lavish, lush and sometimes lewd choreography sure isn’t seen on an LP!

A United Artists record (UA-LA361-H-0798 Mono, copyright 1975), it comes with a 16 page booklet (the full size of the sleeve!) with lots of photos and brief information on the musical numbers, songs and film. Certainly delightful — and the music is fine (though my personal copy has a few “skips,” so I am going to have to clean it better and see if I can improve things), but just the idea of audio sufficing for the splendor of a Busby Berekely production is still too funny.

Even if you have an excellent memory and want to close your eyes as you listen to the music & remember the glamour and spectacle of Berkeley’s sequences, they will pale in comparison; nothing, not even your vivid imagination, compares to seeing the incredible art of Busby Berkeley. He’s just too magical.

The record contains the original soundtrack recordings — and if you love these old movies, you’ll love hearing them.

Songs Side A:

1. Introduction — The Busby Berkeley Girls Medley: Blue Moon, I’m Like A Fish Out Of Water, Hooray For Hollywood/Johnnie “Scat” Davis, Frances Langford

2. I’m Going Shopping With You, The Words Are In My Heart/Dick Powell

3. You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me/Bebe Daniels

4. The Lady In Red/Winifred Shaw

5. All’s Fair In Love & War/Dick Powell, Joan Blondell, Lee Dixon, Rosalind Marquis

Songs Side B:

1. Young & Healthy, Shuffle Off To Buffalo/Ruby Keeler, Clarence Nordstrum, Una Merkel, Ginger Rogers

2. Don’t Say Goodnight/Dick Powell

3. Young & Healthy/Dick Powell

4. Spin A Little Web Of Dreams/Veree Teasdale

5. Dames

6. Dames/Dick Powell

However, the record itself has, on side B, what can only be called a Berkeley-inspired idea: a circle of ladies who will spin on your turntable!

Busby Berkeley For Your Turntable!

Busby Berkeley For Your Turntable!

Marilyn Monroe Contest (And I Want To Win!)

By , 10 June, 2009, 1 Comment

To celebrate the launch of www.thisismarilyn.com, the first and only social network specifically designed for the devoted fans and collectors of Marilyn Monroe’s lifetime of work, the site will be giving away $100,000 in highly sought after vintage photographs and limited edition prints.

The original photographs and signed prints are from personal friends of Marilyn Monroe, Andre de Dienes and George Barris. The contest which started when the new site launched, on June 1st, 2009 (Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday) will award 55 prizes, ranging in value from $800 to a grand prize worth over $12,000! The contest will end on August 4th, on the anniversary of Marilyn’s death.

Official rules are posted on the website; but basically, you join and earn points by participating in the site. (Hint: please use me — username JaynieVanRoe — as your referral!)

The contest is being sponsored One West Publishing, Inc., and Marilyn Remembered.

Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Newman Boo-Boo

By , 4 May, 2009, No Comment

I’m not just sharing this photo of Liz & Paul because it’s hot; can you spot the error on this vintage movie promotional photograph?

Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman

Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman

(Clicking the links will allow you to self-check your knowledge — and see the irony!)

“Esther Williams: Beauty Brains — and Busy” 1949

By , 9 April, 2009, No Comment

Beautiful scans of a vintage magazine feature on Esther Williams from the November 21, 1949 issue of Quick magazine, sent to me by Deanna (of Kitsch Slapped and Kitschy Kitschy Coo). Click them to see/read the full pages!

Esther Williams in Quick Magazine, 1949

Esther Williams in Quick Magazine, 1949

Vintage Magazine Article on Esther Williams

Vintage Magazine Article on Esther Williams

If you love Esther’s swimsuits, you can shop for authentic Esther William’s swimsuits at the official site. Esther also endorsed a line of swimming pools, and Deanna’s hubby has put the 1958 “consumer presentation” online for all to see. (Yes, Esther’s in it!)

You can find out more about Esther Williams in her autobiography, The Million Dollar Mermaid, the title of which comes from the 1952 film in which Esther Williams played the role of another real-life beautiful swimming champion turned film star, Annette Kellerman.

Joan Crawford Makes Me Want To Sew

By , 3 April, 2009, No Comment

Every year I tell myself, “This is the year I learn how to sew — really sew.” You know, the kind of sewing where you, eventually, can look at a photo and reconstruct what you see. So far, I’ve just not mustered enough time & dedication to master sewing like that. And when I see an outfit like this one, I nearly weep with regret that I never paid enough attention in home ec when we made that dumb fabric purse (with the handle that was ridiculously too long) and the peasant skirt (three tiers of unevenly gathered sections). *sigh*

Joan Crawford Publicity Photo For Dancing Lady

Joan Crawford Publicity Photo For Dancing Lady

According to the information on the back of this vintage Joan Crawford photograph, used to promote Dancing Lady (1933), this stunning polka dot ensemble was part of Joan’s personal wardrobe:

The use of linen for formal wear is introduced by Joan Crawford, glamorous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer star appearing in the picture, “Dancing Lady.” She selects a bright red model with white embroidered dots. This frock is trimmed with an edging of white scalloped pique. Linen gloves, pique trimmed, made of the same material sets off the costume.

Joan Crawford's Personal Wardrobe Publicity Note

Joan Crawford's Personal Wardrobe Publicity Note

Oh, how I want to recreate every detail — including those matching polka dot gloves!  It would be worth it to hand embroider every dot onto red linen myself (and that’s about all I would know how to do!)

Veronica Lake: More Than Just That Hair… She Was The Girl With The Dirty Look

By , 31 March, 2009, No Comment

This 1942 publicity portrait of Veronica Lake belongs to a friend.

Veronica Lake Photo

Veronica Lake Photo

On the back, the publicity department’s push of Veronica as the girl with the dirty look:

HOLLYWOOD–Constance Keane–Vernoica Lake to-you– can give the dirtiest of dirty-looks and have the dirtiest of dirty faces and still be charming. She proves this in her second stellar role of her meteor-like film career in :Sullivan’s Travels,” Paramount Picture to be released in February. Here she turns on that dirty look for Sullivan, played by Joel McCrea, when she finds out that the “bum” she has befriended with her last 35 cents is really a movie director rolling in the lap of luxury.

Veronica Lake: Dirty Look-Dirty Face

Veronica Lake: Dirty Look-Dirty Face

The photo was used for Sullivan’s Travels, but the portrait was first used to promote This Gun For Hire in 1941.

Handmade Paper Movie Star Dolls

By , 6 March, 2009, No Comment

I didn’t mean to abandon you like that! There were some server moves or upgrades or whatever due to the new beta Twolia Music & Stores, and a few of us Twolia bloggers had some scheduled posts lost in the transition. I’m doing my best to get caught up, but as I didn’t save copies of all my posts, well, ugh.

One of my posts was about this post by Deanna at Kitsch Slapped which included this project to make charming little dolls with faces cut from magazines!


I was struck by how much fun that would be for any girlie gathering, like my movie nights with friends. We typically watch films on some theme or other, and so the dolls could be “us” as gangster molls, musical maids, or our favorite actresses.

Admittedly, I wouldn’t want to cut up my vintage movie mags; but you can easily scan photos and make paper copies (or even photo quality ones) to cut up.

With as many movie nights as we have, we’d have quite a cute collection of little handmade paper movie star dolls!

I think it would also be a super idea for parties for little girls and tweens too. Even though they are more hung-up on modern celebrities the simple project allowing them to be Hillary Duff or even Hannah Montana (we call her Hanna Man-Hand-a ’round here lol) would keep them happily entertained.

And even though lots of kids these days are (sadly) more high-tech than low-tech (some of them honestly would be more adept at cut and pasting a celeb head in Photoshop than performing a paper craft cut & paste version), a handcrafted paper doll like this would allow them to take something home to show low-tech moms & grandmoms — and give them a trinket to keep in their room.